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10 Important Points to Pay Attention to When Preparing The Oven For Work

All kitchen appliances of the specialized Fornelli brand are distinguished by their excellent design and harmoniously fit into interiors decorated in different styles. The use of new technological solutions makes this technique competitive, it is preferred by the most discerning buyers, and now you are among them.

A strict, well-thought-out design, multifunctionality, a convenient and understandable control panel – this is not a complete list of the advantages that this Fornelli development has.

Many ovens are equipped with top and bottom heating and a convector with a ring heating element. The advantages include the presence of a grill, a removable door with three-layer glazing, and telescopic guides. 3D convection is provided, allowing food to be cooked at different levels.

Convenient control functions are provided:

  • delayed start – you can preset the time and heating temperature, and at the appointed time the oven will automatically start working;
  • reminder – if you need to add an additional ingredient during the cooking process, it is enough to set a time interval, after which the sound signal will remind you of this;
  • locking the control panel, so that a small child cannot accidentally turn on or off the oven.

What should you do before connecting and using the electric oven for the first time?

  1. To avoid annoying mistakes, be sure to read the installation and operating instructions that come with the product.
  2. To install and connect the oven, it is advisable to invite a specialist from an accredited service center authorized to repair and service this product. If this work is performed by a non-specialist, then abnormal situations may arise, dangerous for the user.
  3. It is necessary to ensure a simple and quick disconnection of the oven from the power supply. If there is no outlet nearby, then you should ask the master to make a direct connection to the network with grounding and a terminal on a multi-line switch located in an easily accessible place. Extension cords and tees must not be used, because they are not designed for such a high power (3 kW) and often overheat.
  4. Make sure the oven is technically ready for use: built into the niche and connected. The technical features of safe operation are specified in the instructions for the technique.
  5. First, you should free the oven from its packaging and let it “acclimatize”, especially if it is cold outside. It should warm up to room temperature. And be sure to remove the protective vinyl film from the door.
  6. Before using the oven for cooking, it is recommended that you ignite it with the baking sheets and wire rack placed on the appropriate levels.
  7. It is necessary to set the highest heating temperature and turn on the device. Then open the oven door and turn on the hood to ventilate the room and remove the smell of burnt preservative grease.
  8. When the oven has cooled down after ignition, it must be disconnected from the mains.
  9. Wash the de-energized device. Using a cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution, wipe the enamelled interior walls, wire rack, baking trays and front panel. For the stainless steel front panel, use only special detergents that do not contain abrasive particles.
  10. Remember to set up your oven before starting work. The setup procedure can be found in the instructions supplied with the device.

The control panel FEA 60 Belcanto is equipped with an electronic clock. Before starting the oven for the first time, it is necessary to set the current time and select the required language for messages on the text display.

On the control panel, on both sides of the display, there are two recessed control knobs and four buttons that set the operating modes. The buttons “Start” and “Stop” are located to the left of the display. The buttons for setting the time and setting the reminder are to the right of the display.

With the help of control knobs, set the time and select the desired operating mode. In the Instructions for the installation and operation of ovens, in the “Control panel” section, you can familiarize yourself with the order in which you should use the control knobs and buttons of the electronic programmer in different cases.

What shouldn’t you be afraid of?

Like any complex device, the FEA 60 Belcanto oven has features that you need to know so as not to worry unnecessarily:

  • if after setting the automatic start time you accidentally or deliberately pressed the “Start” button, then there will be a pause. If during the pause the start time has elapsed, the start-up will not occur. This is normal, the device is working properly;
  • The switched-on oven, if the cooking time is not set, can work for 9 hours, after which it will automatically turn off. It must be remembered that the operating time of the device is limited to nine hours;
  • if after 10 minutes after setting the lock mode, the display goes out – nothing terrible happened, it is working properly, it just went into economy mode.
  • the built-in fan works after the end of work until the oven has completely cooled down.
  • When do you need to disconnect the oven from the electrical network:
  • if an unpleasant odor appears during work, you must definitely pay attention to this, since the cause could be an unnoticed piece of packaging;
  • the cooking time has passed, but the device does not stop working and does not turn off using the “Stop” button;
  • in case of any other malfunctions in the operation of the device, it should be de-energized by turning off the automatic fuse.

If there are problems or questions for which the user could not find clarifications in the instructions, you can visit  https://compukitchen.com/best-countertop-ovens/ from the service center or call technical support.

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