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Traveling smart does not only mean making sure you’ve packed all the things you need, booked a plane ticket in advance, and made reservations in restaurants you want to try months before. 

Traveling smart starts even before you do any of those things above. The things you check and do before you leave for a perfect family vacation is crucial and goes a long way.

If you’re clueless and overwhelmed at this point, read on below to see the list:

1. Turn Off the Water

Leaks may happen when you’re around. Much more when you’re not at home.

And when it does while you are on holiday, it could be a massive problem not just for you but could be for the whole tenants or residents within the same apartment complex.

Therefore, to avoid it, make sure to turn off each water supply in your house if accessibility allows. Or better yet, turn off the main water supply to be on the safe side.

2. Lock Your Windows 

You can easily lock the doors behind, but windows, they sometimes remain unlocked through the whole holiday duration.

So make sure you include the windows in your list of “to double-check” before leaving the house to prevent any burglars from trespassing. 

3. Unplug Your Appliances and Devices

The energy cost of appliances, when plugged in, can add up to your monthly bill. Therefore, before leaving, unplugging all your devices and appliances can not only save power but also avoid power surges while you’re away.

One crucial device to be switched off and unplugged is your router. This prevents possible hackers from breaking in.

4. Turn Off the Lights

There’s no point in unplugging all your appliances and then leave the lights on throughout your entire holiday. You will end up having the same electric bill cost, if not more.

The trick here is to invest in a timer. Get a light switch timer that turns on and off your lights automatically based on a schedule you set it on.

If your idea is to make your holiday discreet for other people, then this option is a lot better than keeping your lights on throughout the whole time you’re away. 

5. Set Your A/C and Heating System 

If you are leaving the house during winter, do not completely switch off your heating system. Make sure to adjust the thermostat just about right to keep the house warm.

Some say that 68 to 72 degrees can already give optimal comfort for homeowners. Therefore, when leaving the house, set the thermostat to around 55 degrees to maintain the warm temperature inside.

The same goes when leaving the house during summer, do not entirely switch off your A/C unit too. Setting the right temperature and thermostat can save you bucks. This practice prevents the high cost of electric bills when you come back.

6. Ask Someone to Check on Your Home

If a relative or even a close friend lives nearby, maybe you could ask them a little favor to check on your home at least twice if going away for a week.

This would mean providing them a spare key, though, because they will have to check every room and space of the house, as well as your hydroponics garden if you have any.

Another option is to leave it to your insurance company instead. It takes time and needs a few requirements before getting someone to come and check your home. Therefore, contacting your broker weeks before your planned holiday is a must.

7. Remove Your Spare Key

If you’re used to leaving a spare key underneath those flower pots for cleaners to use, it is vital to remove all of them before you leave. That is one easy way for criminals to get into your property without making a scene. 

8. Activate Your Security System

If your job or lifestyle allows you to travel at least 4-5 times in a year, then it is a good reason to invest in a security system.

There are apps that you can install on your phone which gets you connected to the home CCTVs that allow you to check any unusual activities in your house while being away.

9. Empty the Trash

We always advise our clients at Planet Maids House Cleaning NYC to empty all of their trash bins before leaving the house, especially the ones in the kitchen.

This prevents any pests and flies from flying around or pestering the house while you are away. 

10. Discard Perishables

Make time to check the fridge and discard any perishables, like fruits or vegetables or opened milk cartons, to prevent any stinky smell when you come back from holiday. 


Everyone has a reason why they need to leave their houses. It could be a business trip, a weekend away to visit relatives or merely to go on holiday.

Whatever the reason may be, do not forget the fact that you are leaving your home for days, and it is crucial to keep it in good shape while you are away.

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