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The main mistake of beginners and people who dream in a short time to lose weight or, conversely, build muscle, is to neglect the recovery procedure. Many are sure that rest significantly delays the process of obtaining the desired results, and continuous and enhanced training gives a slim body with cubes breaking through the shirt faster. In fact, everything is different! During training, the muscles undergo a load and, accordingly, it damages them. The absence of a gym recovery period exacerbates the situation because the muscles are destroyed, in addition, they lose their ability to withstand a more intense load, which makes training ineffective and unsafe.

Do not neglect the hitch

The hitch is an integral part of the training, which is listed in the last stage. It is designed to calm the muscles and involves low-intensity exercises such as walking, jogging, and exercising on a stationary bike or a foam scooter. Duration depends solely on the intensity of the workout, the longer it is, the longer the hitch should be. Even if you feel very tired or rush to leave the gym, devote at least 5 minutes to a hitch.

Lack of weight often affects girls with an asthenic body type. Representatives of this type have high growth, an elongated face, a long neck, narrow shoulders, a flat and narrow chest, long arms and legs. Measure the girth of your wrist: it does not exceed 15 cm for asthenic. Pay attention to your parents: if your mother and father in old age retained their heat, then you inherited thinness from them. In other words, you have gotten thinness genetically, but you can fight it.

The danger is in case a person begins to suddenly and unreasonably lose weight. If against the background of your usual lifestyle, you began to lose weight, you should consult a specialist. Extreme weight loss can cause diseases to the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine diseases, pathological processes in the lungs and bronchi.

Make up for the fluid loss

The exercise involves active fluid loss. And, of course, it needs to be replenished. The same action increases the recovery rate of the body after training, as it supports the process of nutrient delivery and improves metabolism. Ensure that a lot of fluid is taken after training in hot weather.

Drink acidified drinks, for example, non-carbonated mineral water with lemon or lime juice and the addition of stevia powder (natural sweetener). You can also resort to isotonic drinks. These are fluids that provide a person with water and electrolytes that leave the body with sweat.


Isotonic drinks are available in the market in two forms – dry concentrate in cans and liquid concentrate in bottles. The taste can be very diverse – from wild cherries to exotic passion fruit. These are cheap sweeteners that do not make the composition balanced. Moreover, they are dangerous to health. It is better to opt for drinks that include salts, glucose polymers, dietary supplements, and vitamins.

Regularly do massage

Massage improves blood circulation, which means it relieves muscle pain and speeds up the recovery process. Massage also minimizes the risk of injury. It is possible to carry out massage manipulations manually using natural vegetable oil, or using a hand roller. The optimal massage time is 20 minutes.

Take a cool bath

Staying in a cool bath or taking a contrast shower is an equally effective way to quickly recover after a workout. Cool water significantly reduces the soreness of trained muscles. Take a bath which should be no more than 10 minutes. And to calm and prepare for sleep, you can add a little bit of your favorite essential oil to the water.


If during a workout you were unfortunate enough to twist your leg or got a bruise, resort to a cold compress or attach a bag filled with ice cubes to the sore spot.

Visit the sauna or bath

In addition to cool baths, on the way to recovery after intense training, you can turn to the sauna or bath. These establishments are a great place to relax and maintain good health. Do not forget about hot wraps, they also have a beneficial effect on the muscles, and also improve the condition of the skin – moisturize, nourish and tighten.


Hot wraps have a number of contraindications. They are not recommended for oncology, diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, diseases of the lymph vessels, pregnancy, gynecological diseases, as well as in the presence of cuts, wounds, and other injuries.

Take healthy food

Post-workout nutrition depends entirely on the purpose of your workouts. If the goal is weight loss, experts recommend looking for products containing a large amount of protein or a minimal amount of carbohydrates, for example, boiled skinless chicken breast or steamed pollock.

If the goal of training is to gain muscle mass, you need to combine proteins and carbohydrates in a ratio of 1:4. However, the exact number depends on the intensity of the workout and the time spent on it, and, of course, health. This ratio is appropriate for absolutely healthy people who work out intensively for an hour.

If you decide to resort to sports nutrition, first consult with your doctor, because he has a number of side effects. Now there are three types of sports supplements – for building muscle mass, burning fat and recovering from physical exertion. Also, on sale, you can find multi-component complexes aimed at solving several problems, and pre-training complexes of amino acids and vitamins, designed to increase endurance, accelerate metabolic processes and maintain hormonal levels.

Experts assure that there is no universal recommendation for choosing sports nutrition. When buying, it is important to focus on the training program. The goal that you want to understand, and the recommendations of the coach. It should also be remembered that you cannot build your diet on sports nutrition, they are only an additive that affects metabolic processes. Be sure to replenish the reserves of all vital substances by consuming meat, fish, poultry, cottage cheese, cereals, vegetables, and fruits.

Perform stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are necessary for all trainees – whether it is a professional athlete, or a beginner trying to lose those extra pounds. But special attention should be paid to exercises for people with joint problems. For example, steps with raising the knees, side steps and arm rotations will increase mobility in the joints and minimize muscle imbalance. It is not necessary to overload yourself with stretching exercises, it is enough to devote 10 minutes a day to the process.

Move even after training

Doing nothing and lying on the couch after a workout is the easiest, but this method will not save you from muscle pain, and it will reduce the effectiveness of your workouts. Going home from the gym, take a walk or ride a bicycle, leave public transport and a private car alone. Not too intense movements also contribute to a quick recovery, especially if they are associated with fresh air.

Allocate sufficient sleep time

Sleep is an equally important aspect of a quick recovery. After all, a healthy sleep, equal to 7-8 hours, activates protein synthesis and growth hormone and also establishes the proper functioning of the brain. Lack of sleep is extremely detrimental to the results of any training, as it reduces their effectiveness by several times.

Plan your workout

For training to be successful, it is necessary to clearly indicate the goal and, accordingly, develop a rational plan of action that will achieve the desired results faster. It is quite difficult to make a training plan on your own, especially for a beginner, so at the first stage, you should consult a specialist with a specialized education who has extensive experience in sports. Only regular and systematic training will make your dream come true, but overwork and lack of plan would never help! You can create custom workout plans online.


These tips will help you keep up with your work out regime without draining yourself out. We have noticed that people who neglect healthy sleep often break down and consume high-calorie foods. Lack of sleep provokes appetite. In addition, lack of sleep leads to impaired attention and speed of reaction, which during intensive training, especially involving heavy sports equipment, is simply unacceptable.


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