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Your girl squad or your bridesmaids that you chose does surely share much excitement as you are about your wedding. From selecting their dresses, organizing bridal showers, freeing their schedules for pre-wedding preparations, to the big day.

Bridesmaids will also be there for your nuptial photoshoots, shamelessly do an impromptu intermission for the team bride in the reception, and to lend a hand whenever you need. Expect your bridesmaids to do their best to make sure your day will go according to plan as if it is like the daydream you shared with soul sisters.

Your bridesmaids exerted (and will exert) their efforts to make your day very special. And as a way to show your gratitude and make them feel special too, here are suggestions of bridesmaid gift ideas that they will love and will still fit your budget:

Spa trip

A spa trip is a way to remind your bridesmaids that they need to relax after all the favors they did for you.

They can choose to book spas together with the other bridesmaids, to get to know each other. A bridesmaid may also have the chance to reconnect with a fellow bridesmaid she knows whom she lost communication for a while.

You can also join and have the spa treat scheduled a day before your wedding. With this, your ladies will look great on the wedding day.  

Bridesmaid box

Bridesmaid gift boxes can be two in one. It can be an invitation and a gift.

Insert a short note like, “will you be my bridesmaid?” Then, include in your personalized gift box some items you can squeeze in your budget. These can be items that the bridesmaid will use for the wedding like robes, jewelry, or self-care stuff.

Just note that your creativity will save you a lot of money in making gift boxes. 

Skincare kit

Skincare kit is one affordable choice when selecting a personalized gift for your bridesmaids.

You can buy a set of skincare from one brand or mix and match products that you will find in the nearest beauty shop or drugstore. Make it look more special with a customized bag or box that you can easily find online.

Let your creativity flow, and you will also enjoy assembling your gift your them, too. 

Body butter

When tight on budget and still wants to show much love for your bridesmaids, start searching the internet for DIY tutorials about making body butter.

It is easy to make and will not take so much time (perfect for a busy bride-to-be). Put it in a nice container and attach a short note of gratitude.

Scented candles

Aromatherapy is one of the many benefits of scented candles. This item is easy to find and easy to personalize.

As the giver, you suggest to your bridesmaids to chill and enjoy some quiet time with a very nice smell from the candles that helps reduce anxiety.

There are many designs of scented candles available in the market and you will surely find one that fits your taste.  

Bath bombs

Pampering time is much-awaited after the long and hectic pre-wedding preparations. Your bridesmaid also deserves to be thanked by giving them some R&R that they need.

A bath that will calm their nerves and ease body pain is a must. Your bridesmaids will adore the colorful bath bombs set in a nice box.

Yoga mat

Yoga is a good workout. Support your gals to their fitness goals and send them a sign to keep the routine going.

Choose for a comfortable and quality yoga mat and still keep up with your girls every once in a while with a gym session. 

Beauty products

Find an affordable brand that sells the different shades of lipsticks that will suit each of your bridesmaids.

They will be thrilled that you picked the best shade for them because you thought of them while packing their gifts. You can also send them one beauty product that you trust.

Pack it with other products like face masks, makeups, makeup tools, or a fragrance.  

Customized jewelry

Personalized items are best when showing your love and gratitude for your bridesmaids.

The receiver will know that you prepared for the gift because you will order it in advance, given that its customized.

Customized pieces of jewelry will be valuable as your special connection.

Matching robes

The bride, together with the bridesmaids, will make use of robes before finally dressing up for the wedding.

You can choose the robe design that suits your wedding theme, but they can wear on ordinary days. It will be necessary and charming to get matching designs. 


Another gift idea that is easy to find is a journal.

In case you are too busy to make a DIY body butter or order personalized items ahead of time, grab a journal and add some pens or stickers to your gift bag.

You can always select a design of a journal to buy that best fits the personality of your bridesmaids.  

A bottle of their favorite wine

Selecting them as your bridesmaids means you are close to them. A bottle of wine will never fail to impress.

Knowing your bridesmaids’ favorite bottle of wine and giving it to them as a gift will mean that you are personally thankful for their time and effort.

Personalized stationery

Stationery will be an appealing gift when you choose according to the personality of your bridesmaid.

Select different designs for each of them and personalize them with their names, favorite color, or have the papers scented. 


Get a special photo shoot with your bridesmaids and make them feel you are very thankful to them by creating a photobook solely dedicated to them.

You can request service providers to include photos taken during the ceremony, the reception, and behind the scenes moments. This can surely capture the heart of your bridesmaids and other people that will see the photos.



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