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5 Outdoor Upgrades That Make Your Home More Valuable

When considering the resale value or even the current value of your home, you may wonder what little changes and updates you can make to keep your dwelling current. While the larger investments and interior overhauls will always make their way onto the table, you can also make exterior changes that prove supremely helpful to your home’s overall value. 

While some of these are updates you may need to make anyway, others are amenities you can enjoy for your own benefit while they also bring value to your space:

1. Add a Deck or Porch

While patios, decks, porches, and other outdoor spaces each have their own niche, it’s a well-known consensus that if you don’t have one already, adding one to your home can increase your residence’s value. Outdoor entertaining spaces add a sense of joy, especially when they’re maintained properly or look out onto a nice view. Adding a deck or porch increases the property value and also brings a brand new space into your home for you to enjoy. It’s a win-win.

2. Install Insulated Garage Doors

If your garage door is old and creaky, you can update it when you go for a replacement. Insulated garage doors are much more durable, last longer, and can withstand the elements much better than standard models. New garage doors are a great way to bring value to a house, and getting quality, long-lasting insulated doors take your investment to the next level. 

3. Add Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting can be somewhat of a quick fix, but it adds significant ease and aesthetic value to your property. You can keep it simple by adding porch, driveway, and path lighting, or you could get a bit fancy with string lights, lanterns, and decorative lighting in your outdoor spaces. They serve a functional purpose and allow extra comfort and curb appeal for anyone checking out your place after dark.

4. Plant Trees

Planting trees is a great way to make your space prettier, brighter, and a bit more private. You get to enjoy the lovely landscaping, and it adds more value to any home, especially if you have neighbors around. While you don’t have to landscape specifically with trees — shrubs, bushes, and other plants work, too — they’re among the many gardening options at your disposal.

5. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If you have an outdoor living space already in place, adding an outdoor kitchen can bring a lot of value to your home. If you have the room and the funds to do it, the “wow” factor will make its way back into your wallet quickly whenever you sell. Plus, you get to enjoy an elevated outdoor space while you grill, mix drinks, and spend time with loved ones.

Your Great Outdoors

From elements of standard curb appeal to the lovely amenities that make a house into a home, you can put the finishing touches on your house to increase its value and enjoy your abode. It’s all about figuring out what’s right for you, your family, and the place you call home from the inside out.

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