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Wearing wigs for the first time can be daunting. They can drain your confidence, give you an unexpected bad hair day, or cost you a lot more on damages. But none of these mishaps mean wigs are bad news.

On the contrary, wigs are the symbols of hair freedom for the modern woman. And the reason why you’ll get jitters on day one, trying to get one on your head, is that you lack expert advice.

But not anymore.

If you want to rock them like Cardi B, Rihanna, or whoever your favorite wig wearer is, then read on. This piece has invaluable tips from hair experts that’ll save your confidence, image, and pockets trying to struggle with wig maintenance.

Is Synthetic or Human Hair Best?

This age-old question never misses in the minds of first-time wig wearers. The question itself is still a source of heated debate among wig experts, albeit some underlying agreements.

Experts find it okay to have both synthetic and human hair wigs. The reason being, the pros, and cons of each provide a much-needed versatility. But, at the end of the day, the final decision and preference will lie on your styling needs.

For instance, if you want versatile styling options using heated products, then you’d rather go for human hair wigs. Most synthetic wigs and heat are a no-go. If you go to EvaWigs, you can get an array of human hair wigs that allow you more play with styling.

On the other hand, if you want to maintain a single style for a long while with lesser maintenance, synthetic wigs are your best bet.

Wear With Confidence

The secret behind looking good with a wig is confidence. Not just wigs, confidence also works with any hairstyle.

Constant fidgeting, adjusting, and worrying about your wig makes even the classiest of them all look tacky. You need to embrace the look, focus less on whether it’s still in the right position or not, and own it.

This confidence will allow you to not only wear the wig but also any style you’ll decide to put on it.

Always Keep It Natural

Keeping it natural has less to do with human or synthetic hair wigs but more of skin tone and natural hair color. Your aim should be buying a wig that matches both these areas.

For instance, if you get something too dark for your skin tone, you might end up looking washed out. On the flip side, if you get a wig that’s too light, the entire look will feel unnatural.

And if you happen to own a synthetic wig, pay attention to the shine too. Some synthetic wigs tend to have too much shine on their fibers which sells down the natural look. For this scenario, you can use shine removal tools to reduce the luster to something more natural.

Have the Best Care Products At Hand

Your wig will last as long as the care products you’ll use on it. And the kind of product you’ll use will depend heavily on the kind of wig you own.

For instance, human hair wigs are best suited for sulfate-free care products. On the other hand, if you have color-treated hair, you should use products specifically crafted for them. They help keep the colors vibrant and shining for longer.

More importantly, don’t forget to wash your wig. Haircare products might help. Take it a month, but regular washing is key for an even longer-lasting. Make sure you use the wig conditioner and shampoo while doing the wash, and follow the due process for washing human or synthetic hair wigs.

Have a Spare Wig on the Go

This is more about planning, versatility, and a pool of options. A spare wig might be what stands between you and a bad hair day.

Having a spare wig helps you deal with situations where you want to wash your wig, change your style for the day, or land a wig mishap. Having an extra wig on standby helps prepare for these situations and put you at lesser risk of a bad hair day or constrained styling options.


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