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6 Budget-Friendly Garden Makeover Ideas

Having a private garden is a wonderful privilege, however, with many of us leading very busy lives, the garden becomes the most neglected area of the home. Whether you want to completely modify your outdoor space or just add some extra charm, revamping your garden should not be a daunting task. So, if your garden is in desperate need of some TLC, here are some inexpensive ways to makeover your garden.  

1. Decorate with Garden Furniture

Furniture does not have to be exclusive to the indoors, and there is nothing better than being able to lounge outside in the warmer months. You can easily find pre-used chairs, tables, or swing-sets online or from yard sales. You can even paint over or decorate them to tailor them to your liking. Also, by buying furniture second-hand, you may not be overly concerned about the general wear-and-tear that will likely occur over time. Good websites for second-hand furniture are GumtreeFacebook Marketplace and Preloved.

2. Painting your decking

Choosing to paint your deck instead of an alternative option such as staining has many benefits, such as the fact that there is a huge range of colour options. Additionally, the paint protects the deck from mould, UV damage, and water. Any cracks or fractures in the wood may also be filled in by the paint. It is, therefore important that your paint of choice is not only an attractive colour but also great quality and durable. Take a look at the website Best Paint For to see some great options.

3. Restore your old shed

If you currently have a shed, you have likely had it for several years, and it probably looks tired and run down right now. It is essential that you prioritize fixing any structural problems such as broken windows, mould or broken wood. Once you have the essentials fixed, you can then proceed to decorate it. If fixing the shed seems like too much hassle or too expensive, you may choose to remove it altogether and the materials can be re-used for a different DIY project. 

4. Add Plants

Plants add an essence of vibrancy to the garden. Hanging plant baskets or neatly laying out plant pots with different flowers around the garden is a simple and cost-effective way to spruce up your outdoor space. You can upcycle old plant pots and get creative with different colours.

5. Paint and/or Mend Your Fence

A tattered, washed-out or broken fence can disrupt the look of an elegant garden. If your garden fence is broken and you are unable to mend it yourself, be sure to hire a contractor to fix it before you paint it. Painting or re-painting your fence is a budget-friendly way to freshen up your garden. It can also be a fun and enjoyable task to do by yourself or with your family!

6. Frequent Maintenance

Essential maintenance could include mowing down the lawn and ensuring to manually trim the edges, as so many people are not able to reach the edges with their lawnmowers alone. Additionally, trimming your hedges and removing garden weeds can create an overall neater looking garden. 

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