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The couch is one of the coziest places in the house where you can relax after a long and tiring day. Your friends and family love resting on the couch too. Even your furry buddies cannot resist the comfort it provides. So, you can tell that it is issued often. Concerning that, couches are also a vulnerable place for common mishaps like coffee spillage, food residues, foul odor, and even fur. 

This implies that couches require cleaning from time to time. But, you might wonder how to clean a sofa the right way. Well, vacuuming a couch is not enough. So, what can be done? Read more to find out!

Easy DIY Methods for Cleaning a Couch 


When you think of cleaning a couch, more of the people make the mistake of assuming that sweeping off the couch would do the job. But on the contrary, there is so much more to it. And luckily, with these easy DIY methods, you can successfully clean your couch properly:

1. Identify Fabric 

Before you get any ideas of cleaning a couch, it is important for you to start by identifying the fabric your couch is made of. They come in many materials, textures, and shapes. That being said, couches do differ. They are either washable material or dry cleaning materials. For instance, if your couch is made of cotton or linen, then you’re in luck since they can be cleaned easily. 

Here’s how you can differentiate the material type of the couch and its cushions. If you have a W mark on the sofa then it means you can apply water for the cleaning process. For the S mark, you need to assort a solvent-based cleaning agent to protect the fabric during cleaning. 

If you have the SW mark, then it means you can use a solvent-based agent or water for cleaning the fabric. And lastly, if you see an X mark, then you can only use a vacuum for the cleaning process. 

2. Prepare the Couch 

Once you’ve identified the material type of the sofa, it’s time for you to prepare your couch for hot cleaning. First, take a white towel of an average length or you can use a washcloth. Using these, gently brush up the cloth. Any debris, food crumbs, dirt, or trash will easily come off with the cloth. 

Additionally, if you don’t have a hand towel, you can always opt for a stiff brush. However, keep in mind that you must use white cloth for this process. Using a colored towel might be a problem as it’s dye can easily transfer to the couch. 

3. Vacuum the Couch 

This process is similar to the previous one. However, this process is ideal for you if you are a clean freak. There can always be remaining debris, micro dust mites that you may have missed. Often, dust particles are so tiny that even towels cannot get rid of it. 

And especially, if you haven’t cleaned your couch in a long time, then chances are, they are deeply stuck to the couch. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and use it all over the couch. Cover all the sides, corners, and the bottom. 

4. Deep Clean the Couch 

Once you’ve successfully gotten rid of remaining dirt, dust, and residue, you can now proceed for a deep cleaning session. If your sofa material is not for water washing, then here’s an effective way to deep clean the sofa. Take a bowl and baking soda powder in it. Take an average amount based on the size of the sofa. Now, carefully sprinkle it everywhere on the couch. Make sure you apply them on the stains too. 

Baking soda powder is effective in getting rid of bad smell and stains because it penetrates through the fabric deeply. Let the powder sit on the couch for about 20 minutes. After that, use a stiff brush to remove it. Then, vacuum the couch again. 

5. Water Treatment 

If your couch permits you to use a water treatment method for cleaning then you can use a cleaning agent that contains a formula made of enzymes. Before you apply it on the couch, it is important for you to first do a spot test. Many cleaning agents contain chemicals that can easily make the couch bleed. Hence, take a small amount of the cleaner and apply it to a small section. If it does not make the couch bleed then feel free to use it. 

However, if you want to refrain from using cleaning agents, you can make a DIY cleaner for the couch all by yourself. Surprisingly, to make a DIY cleaning agent, all you need is some common ingredients available in the house. Use a bowl and our distilled water in it. Then, add liquid dish soap in it. Take an average amount in ratio with the water. Now, finally, add drops of white vinegar and mix it well. Take a clean cloth and, using the mixture, cover the sofa. Treat the spots thoroughly. When you’re done, leave it for air drying. 

6. Don’t Forget the Cushions

During the couch cleaning process, don’t forget to clean your cushion since they are as much as important as the couch.  If you have cushions that can be removed, then simply remove their covers. Now, place a clean paper towel in between the filling and the cover so that it can absorb the cleaning agent. Use the cleaning agent and carefully apply it to the stains and spots. 

Dab the affected areas with precision until you see the stains are gone. Then, take another clean cloth and rinse the area. Make sure you check the cleaning manual that is available in the package. 

How to Disinfect the Couch?

Even though deep cleaning is effective in getting rid of germs and microorganisms, chances still remain. Because couches have many layers inside and microorganisms can hide deep inside. For that, disinfecting the couch after cleaning, is a good and viable option. To disinfect a couch, take a bowl and add rubbing alcohol in it. 

Now, add essential oils that contain antibacterial agents. For instance, you can apply tea tree oil. Add an average amount in it and mix it well. Now, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it all over the couch. Let the ingredients remain on the couch for a certain period of time. Then, run the vacuum cleaner on the couch. This way, any microorganism that got loose, will come out.  


You know how to clean your couch using easy DIY methods, get started. If you have any difficulties, then you can refer to Dubai-Cleaners for quality sofa cleaning services. A professional intervention can prove to be more than just beneficial and in return, you get an immaculate surrounding.


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