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The happiest day of your life has arrived! YAY! Yes, your weddi… ermm, well, that too, but I’m actually talking about your bachelorette party! This is the moment to fully relax and forget about everything that stressed you out for the last few months when preparing for your big day.

Bachelorette parties are a must in any girl’s life and because we usually only have one in our lifetime, we gotta do it right. You can decide to have a one-night-only bachelorette party and invite your best mates and close family to go out, have dinner and a drink at a club or bar or you can go full-out and throw a bachelorette’s that no one will ever forget. Make it a weekend-long and you’ll be able to spend quality time with your best friends, but you’ll also have enough time for something fun!

Let’s organise the perfect bachelorette party trip, shall we?

Tip #1: Plan Your Weekend Away in Advance

Well, this is an obvious one, but I advise creating a to-do list and making sure everything’s ticked off at least 2 weeks before your party. There are too many things that can happen at the last minute and for you to truly enjoy it, you need to be relaxed and ready. If you’re going away, think about how you’re getting there and if you need to drive somewhere, think about filling up the tank and if you’re driving there alone or if you need to pick someone up. Do you want to check up on the place you’re going to beforehand or will you go there only on the first day of your trip? Are you hiring an events company to help or are you DIYing some things yourself? Will you need help from your friends? Are you looking into renting a place where you can all spend your weekend or a hotel? To-lists are a gift sent from Heaven; use them!

Tip #2: Fun and Romantic in the Same Sentence?

You can have fun whilst being romantic, yes. I think it’s a brilliant idea to prepare a game with questions about your future hubby or your future life together. Your friends can find a way to ask him the questions prior to the party and then you’ll answer the same questions and see if your answers match. A bachelorette is also about preparing for your married life and I think that showing how close you two are to your friends and family is a beautiful way to start off the party.

Tip #3: It’s Always 5pm Somewhere…

Prepare your own cocktails! Be a Kardashian for a weekend and choose your favourite drink or drinks and name it something personal. Have it ready for all your guests and enjoy! Making your bachelorette party personal is the most important thing; you’re getting married and it’s your party, so it should be all about you.

Tip #4: The Simplest Things are Often the Best.

Can’t be bothered to plan or buy decorations? That’s okay. I truly believe that the perfect bachelorette’s is simple. You invite your friends for a weekend-long (or few days) fun and you celebrate together. You don’t need much when you’re with your friends. Yes, it’s amazing if you can plan a few games to play, maybe look for a few clubs around where you’re staying, a few restaurants, buy alcohol, but overall, you don’t need to do much more to have the best time! I’m sure your friends will agree with this.

Tip #5: You Deserve to Relax!

You’ve probably worked really hard on your wedding day prep, so now, it’s all about relaxing. Book a massage for you and your gals! It’s the easiest thing to do because you don’t lose a lot of time and you’ll all appreciate it – especially if it’s after the big night out.

Tip #6: Yes, Go Out Clubbing…

I know, I know, this is not very original, but why wouldn’t you want to go out with your friends? I’m sure you haven’t all gone out together in a while anyway, so take full advantage of this time to have a decent night out. And that is planning it in advance will come in handy – you’ll know where the coolest clubs are prior to your arrival!

Tip #7: Make It International!

This is THE tip of all tips. Why don’t you make it international? Go abroad! Plan your bachelorette’s party trip somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s a perfect excuse to get to know another city and I’m sure your friends will love it too! Some of my favourite European party destinations are Barcelona, Porto, Prague, Warsaw and Cologne! I’ve recently been in Prague and it’s truly one of the most fun and eclectic cities I’ve ever been to, so I definitely recommend it for your bachelorette’s!

How excited are you about your party trip? I hope these tips help you plan it the best way possible and that you’ve gotten new ideas of what to include in it. Just remember, it’s your trip and you need to be 100% happy about all your choices!


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