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There are few industries in the world that are more intertwined than fashion and dance. There are people who say fashion inspires the costumes of the dance community and those who say dance designs are often carried by the fashion world. Maybe they are both right. In any event, 2019 fashion trends are right in line with dance fashions. So, let’s take a look at pieces that are great for each and both genres.

1. Tunic Tops

Tunics have not been this hot since the 1960s. The peasant top, with flutter or ruffled sleeves, look clean and neat even when your body is under speed and stress. Off the dance floor, tunics are worn looser and longer. But that doesn’t stop the dancers for making the cute tops work on the floor. The dance floor will see tunics with sequins, and sparkles. For a fresh twist on a classic style, try the tank-tunic.

This summer, tunics will be worn with short shorts or denim cut-offs to picnics, parks, and to the mall. In the studio, watch for them to be matched up with the cute leotard with boy-cut legs.

2. Treggings, Leggings, and Jeggings – But No Yoga Pants

Leggings are a staple item for dancers and fashionistas. Dancers will usually wear high-waisted leggings with a wide waistband. Summer months usually call for Capri length.

Fashion bugs wear Jeggings – that means Jean look leggings. They are tight and smooth and look great with anything. Summer brings out the Capri length, mid-calf length and of course, there are the tight skinny legs that look great with sneakers or high-heels.

Treggings are new this year. Treggings stand for trouser-leggings. No matter the length you can wear these pants anywhere. They are dressy enough for work, parties, or hanging out. We have not seen these on the dance floor yet, but we expect they will make an appearance soon.

What you will not see are yoga pants. Yoga pants will be in hiding this year unless it is laundry day and it’s that or a wetsuit.

3. Exotic Leggins

These leggings deserve a mention on their own. Bright colors, exotic prints, wild patterns or traditional patterns like polka-dots, stripes, or stars. These leggings look super-cool and they will be everywhere. These are the first leggings that are giving basic black dance leggings a run for their money. Pair them up with bright sneakers low-top or high-top. Just think color and you’ve got it covered.

4. Asymmetrical Tops

We have been enjoying the asymmetrical fashion for a while. The tops are awesome and there is a variety. Try the full shoulder and sleeve on one side. With a plunging neckline and no sleeve of any kind on the other. These sexy numbers look great no matter where you are. Sequin and glitz in this regard have no limits no matter where you are. Dancer or fashionista – they just work.

Note: you will see the asymmetrical hems on dresses this year too. Look for the high-low hem, shark bite hem, and the camisole and slip dresses.

5. Tulle Skirt

The tulle skirt hit the streets last year but they are so loved, they are not leaving. Full skirt to the knee looks great with ballet slippers. Wear them with a leotard, a crop top, or an off the shoulder sweater. These are perfect for a nice dinner date. Ok, fashion lovers, you have to tip your hat to the dancers on this one. They own it hands down.

6. Crop Tops

Crop tops are another fashion that you will see on the dance floor, in the mall, at the park and anywhere else. This years favorites crop tops are:

⦁ Bra top
⦁ Mock neck
⦁ Crop – hoodie
⦁ Crop halter

These sexy little tops run the range on style. From the crop football jersey to the lace and sequins that jazz this classic up for the dance floor.

7. Hip Hop – Harem Pants

Late 2018 the Hip Hop pants and Harem Pants made the scene. As they were in 1990, these shocking and fun pants are on the comeback. The material is light and very shiny. The pants are cotton and made to keep the wearer cool. This is why they are worn in hot and arid climates. Either way, slip into a pair. M. C. Hammer would be proud.

So this is the fashion run down for 2019. Summer is right around the corner, so get started now. You can find all these hot items at Just For Kix, click here to view their website.


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