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8 Design Tips For Making The Most Of Your Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can seem like a total nightmare, especially if you like to cook. 

There’s not enough room to turn around, you keep running out of counter space, and you are constantly having to juggle with a limited number of supplies as you don’t have enough storage space for everything you would normally need. 

Hopefully the tips I share here today will help you do some small kitchen reorganizing, and allow you to enjoy the space much more: 

1 – Utilize all under counter storage 

No matter how small the kitchen, there is likely some under counter storage space available. 

Admittedly, some of it will be way in the back and very difficult to reach. However, instead of leaving that space empty, try to store the items you rarely use, but still need, there. 

2 – The same goes for higher uppers 

The upper shelves of your kitchen cabinets are also often left empty, as you need a step ladder to get to them, or at least a chair to stand on. There may even be a bit of space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.

Make the most of that space – have your cabinets touching the ceiling, and use the uppers as a pantry. After all, jumping up on there once a meal is not as bad as it sounds, plus you get the activity points.

3 – Install open shelving 

If you don’t want to be surrounded by a lot of closed kitchen cabinets, you can go for some open shelving too. True, depending on what you store up there, you might need to do a lot of dusting – but that shouldn’t deter you either.

A spice rack, your less used kitchen utensils and plates can live up there with ease.

4 – Limit your kitchen appliances 

Small kitchens often limit the size of oven, stove and dishwasher you can install. This in turn limits your cooking and baking options, which can be quite the drag. 

However, there are clever appliances you can use instead of their larger cousins that will serve the same purpose, only taking up less space and requiring less electricity. 

For example, go for a mini oven instead of a standard oven. It might mean you can do smaller portions, but should be more than enough for a single or a couple. You can check out some good recommendations here

8 Design Tips For Making The Most Of Your Small Kitchen

5 – Install a pullout station 

Anything that can be pulled out or detached from the ceiling is a godsend in small kitchens.

For example, a chopping board that can be pulled out from your countertop and that can stand alone (taking up walking space, but what does that matter for the time being) is perfect for maximizing space.

Racks and shelves that can be pulled down also work well – in general, extra storage or chopping space is always welcome.

6 – Ensure plenty of light 

Small spaces that also happen to be dark are the worst kinds of small spaces.

You won’t be able to enlarge the room itself, but light makes a space feel more airy and less suffocating, and natural light is always the best option. 

If you don’t have a window, add plenty of lamps – an overhead one, a ceiling one, something in the corners, anything that does not take up precious counter space. 

Kitchen lighting is traditionally cool, but you can find a neutral light blend that soothes the harshness of cool light a bit, but still provides plenty of clarity.

7 – You do need some decor 

Luckily, your kitchen decor can be something as simple as nice spice holders, decorative mugs you also actually use, colorful utensils, and so on. 

You don’t need to bring in any extra accessories – what you have on hand and like using will do. 

Adding a plant in the corner (if you don’t normally use the corner) + hanging a print or photo on the wall will also add some personality to the space.

8 – Organization is key 

Making the most of a small kitchen ultimately comes down to organization. 

You can have a couple of square feet at your disposal, but if you make the most of them, they can feel like a New York loft. 

Apply your best Marie Kondo to your shelves, drawers and cabinets. You can get some of those handy cabinet and drawer organizers that will keep your utensils and plates from crashing together, and also make everything look neater. 

IKEA also has those great glass jars you can use to store your perishables (think of oats, pastas, flour, sugar), so you won’t have to contend with different-sized boxes. 

To sum it all up 

With just a little bit of effort, you can make your tiny kitchen your cooking haven – just be smart about your purchasing and decorative choices, and the place can start to feel much cozier in no time. 

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