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With a ton of tests to study for, the multiple deadlines you must meet, not to forget the classes you just can’t afford to miss, the life of a college student is hard. Given that for most of us, it’s the first time we get to adults in life, it can be really stressful. Making sure you’re well-fed, you’re hydrated and had enough sleep, just taking care of yourself in general, can be a chore. But, you don’t have to do this alone. You have technology on your side to help you. If you’re looking for things that can help manage your hectic schedules, look no further. Here’s a list of gadgets to aid you.

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

With a ton of smart options available for note-taking, the old pen and paper get boring. Those notes are vulnerable to the elements and of course lugging around tons of journals is a pain. Then again, for most of us, taking notes the old fashioned way is comforting. If you’re someone who hates to part with the old but wants the benefits of what the new digital notes offer, then Rocketbook Smart Notebook is the gadget to buy. As you write in this notebook, the ink bonds to the special, reusable pages of the notebook which can then easily be uploaded to a note-taking app like Evernote. Apart from organizing your notes efficiently, this notebook is also environment friendly, making it a must-have for students.

HP ENVY 5055 Portable Printer

Yes going paperless is a priority, but sometimes you can’t help it. When that time comes and you need to print documents, you don’t want to stand in line for hours with other students to get the work done. The time wasted is precious, especially when it’s the deadline season. To avoid the chaos and save yourself from the stress, use a portable printer in your own dorm and relax. The peace you get is worth dishing out some extra cash.

Heated Travel Mug

As you’re running late for class, fixing yourself breakfast and coffee in the morning can be difficult. Even if you manage it, eating and drinking take time and while breakfast is something you can eat fast, doing the same with a hot cup of coffee will only scald your tongue and grabbing a pricey Starbucks on the way is just not an option for most students. To save you from the trouble, we recommend you get a heated travel mug to take your coffee into class. Especially in the winter, as you make your way through cold winds and snow, this contraption will prove a life-saver. Once you get to class, you can plug it into the laptop and enjoy it slowly.

Charging Backpack

The tech slaves that we are, we can’t handle it when any of our devices quits on us. When precious battery life bleeds out in the middle of an assignment or even just while browsing the internet, it can get frustrating. This is where the charging backpack comes in. Equipped with a battery and ports to charge your devices on the go, you can organize your gear like never before. With three USB ports and six separate storage areas, this is the dream backpack.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Sometimes, working conditions are not ideal. You may have a party raging outside, making enough noise to bring the dead to life, but reasoning with people is not always an option. Not to forget how tiring it can get. Sometimes it is better to just get a good pair of noise-canceling headphones and block the world. You can get them in different styles including wireless, headset or earbud. Without all the noise distracting you, you’re sure to get a lot of work done. Additionally, it can also help you avoid all the people you don’t like.

Light Wedge Reading Light

Reading is an essential part of learning and when you get to college it’s all about how much you can read. Most of us like to catch up on our reading before we go to sleep or just late hours, generally. If that is your routine, you might want to get a reading light. It will end a lot of fights with your roommate for sure. This device helps the page glow in the dark so you can read with ease. A great invention to be sure.

Kindle Paperwhite

Speaking of reading, you might want to get the Kindle Paperwhite to get your reading done. The best part about it is the amount of money you’ll end up saving by downloading books. You also won’t ever forget to bring a book to the class, nor will you have to pack your bags, again and again, to get the required books for each class. Say goodbye to heavy bags making your shoulders droopy.


Another great gadget to add to your attire is a smartwatch. You can keep on top of things without really having to look up your cell each time and ending up getting distracted. Its customizable options let you show off your individuality and make a statement. You can check the time, track activity, and use it as an MP3 player. You can even text conversations without having to pull out your phone. Smart devices are sure to help you boost your productivity and make you smarter.

Final Words

The students today have some of the finest technological innovations on their fingertips. With high-speed Spectrum internet just a few clicks away, a whole world of knowledge is accessible to you. These gadgets allow you to do what you’re doing better and more easily. You must make the most of them. Given that other students have them as well, you need them to even out the competition. So, what are you waiting for?


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