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More and more people are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and the damage that they have caused to the environment.

As the repercussions of being haphazard with the treatment of the environment become increasingly dangerous, people are now desiring for businesses and individuals alike to move towards a more sustainable way of life.

With that said, any business should make the shift towards sustainability, regardless of whether society approves of it. This is because the damage done on the environment harms everyone. Besides, it makes people want to support your business more and you ensure that your business has a future to stand on.

On that note, here are eight simple green practices that any business should learn to adapt to their operations.

1. Partner with Employees

If you want to make a lasting impact as an organization during your shift towards a more sustainable way of operating, then you have to involve the employees as well.

You can also ask your employees for any ideas of additional policies and practices that you can put in place to make the workplace more sustainable. Your employees’ knowledge of sustainable practices serves as the litmus test for whether or not your organization really is making an actual shift to being more eco-friendly.

Make sure that you organize training sessions on the regular for your employees so that they are constantly aware of how your organization changes to practice green business operations.

2. Leave the Car at Home

In a single year, your average passenger car is responsible for around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and that’s only with one car. Imagine all the other private vehicles that you encounter on a day-to-day basis.

On that note, if you really want to practice what you preach, then you should consider leaving the car at home.

Look for alternative ways to get to your office. For example, riding public transportation. It’s a lot cheaper and more energy-efficient than having a private car with a single passenger.

You can also incentivize your employees to bike to work by giving them appropriate bike parking spaces and bonuses for being consistent in biking to work.

3. Break the Addiction to Convenience

Single-use products are convenient but the use of these products means that you are contributing to the production of millions and millions of waste in the world.

Instead of using single-use products, you should instead make sure that the products used in the office are reusable.

For example, you can provide coffee mugs that can be washed instead of plastic cups. Encourage everyone to bring their own refillable water bottles instead of purchasing plastic water bottles.

There are many ways to break the addiction to convenient single-use products. You only need to make these alternatives as accessible as possible.

4. Conserve Water and Electricity

Installing bathroom appliances that help conserve water will not only reduce the water bill but also help reduce the wastage of a valuable resource such as water.

You should also ensure that you are creating ways to be more energy-efficient with your electricity. For example, you should ensure that your light bulbs in the office are all LED lights.

Not only are they more effective and last longer, but they also operate more efficiently while using less energy than other types of lighting.

5. Develop Sustainability Work Policies

Enacting policies in the workplace to support your sustainability shift will make it feel more real and actionable. It serves as a strong reinforcement and communicates commitment not only to your employees but to your external stakeholders as well.

This comes with its own set of challenges but everything worth doing requires quite a bit of hard work and determination to pull through.

6.  Reduce by Reusing

If you have any items that you planned on throwing away in the office, reconsider doing so. Check if they can be repurposed in some way or another.

Aside from that, make sure that you have reusable cutleries available in the office pantry. That way, you don’t have to use plastic or paper cups for coffee and water.

7.  Use Non-toxic Cleaning Products

At Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Companies NYC, we practice asking our clients whether they prefer that we use non-toxic cleaning products.

That said, it is best to inform your service provider of your preferred cleaning product. Doing so allows you to clean your office in a sustainable way.

8. Mind Your Mats

To reduce the dirt, dust, and bacteria in your office, invest in several mats that control dust and protect the floor as well. Leave these by any doors in the area. This will help reduce the need for vacuuming and the use of harsh cleaning products in the office.

As a business, making the shift towards sustainability can be challenging and sometimes requires a major overhaul. However, you can always start small and work your way up. The practices listed above are simple, but they certainly decrease your business’s negative impact on the environment.



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