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The advantages of orderly management of clothing of a baby closet are often underestimated. It’s no surprise considering the size of baby clothes. However, we have a different opinion. Since the baby’s skin is very delicate and the clothes are also specific for a purpose, they need to be organized in an orderly manner. After all, it is always good to know where everything is kept in the complicated scenario of taking care of a baby. You definitely don’t want to increase those complexities by making a mess of baby products. 

Since we are on the topic closet organization, we recommend you to have a set of baby velvet hangers that fulfill your purpose effectively. They can help you preserve the clothes that are meant to be hanged. For example a pair of pajamas, baby sweaters, etc. Not convinced? Let’s go through the guide in detail. 

How to organize a baby closet?

You know that whenever a closet is organized, everything is easier to find. Here it is no different. You just have to know the exact baby item and where it has to be kept. These are the steps to go through. 


a). Accumulate every closet supply beforehand

Before you start to pile up things in the closet, ensure that you have the right tools and supplies. For example, as mentioned above, you will need baby velvet hangers, full-length mirrors, shopping bags, catch-all basket, and tape measure. Every dual has a different function. Like, shopping bags are sturdy and help you transport clothes and other baby items. Similarly, there’s a reason for every supply.

You have got a little preparation to do beforehand. Make sure that you start to gather these things at least 2 hours before you actually begin to organize the closet. 


b). Empty the Closet

The baby closet isn’t much of a mess in the beginning. However, the situation might be different here. You might use that closet for your purpose as well as for the baby. So, you need to empty the closet first and assign different locations for all the items. For example, allocating an area for the baby. You have options to trash, consign, or donate the things you take out.

Once you finish emptying the closet, it’s time to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Run the suction all throughout the wardrobe and sweep with a wet cloth. Let it dry out and then put in the baskets that were earlier meant to keep all the baby items. Put all the classic baby hangers in place.


c). Sort your baby items

It’s time to declutter all the items that you have for your baby. Now, you have to put a tag on everything based on the frequency of use. The things that are used more frequently should be kept in front as compared to the ones that are not. Also, you can donate anything that you think the baby won’t use at all. You have storage bins for some items that you think might be used daily. 


d). The storage tips in the closet

Now comes the most crucial part of this article. Make sure you have a step stool to reach out to the upper shelves of the closet. Use the best baby hangers to preserve the clothes that don’t like to be stacked. Whenever you buy something new, make sure you have space in the closet. 

Group everything that is alike. For example, dresses, jeans, shirts have a different group to be stacked. Remember, even the smallest space in your closet can be used to keep those tiny baby products. Make sure the formalwear is hanged with proper separation. 

Once you organize the closet, it’s time to maintain the same for long. Whatever you take out, make sure to keep it in the same place with the same precision. There’s no excuse for the mess in your closet, especially when your little one is your first priority. 



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