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Backpacking Centurion - A Northern Irishman's Journey Through 100 Countries

There are many books that describe different travel experiences. but there are only a few that actually manage to do it successfully. One book that should be on everyone’s list is definitely Backpacking Centurion – A Northern Irishman’s Journey Through 100 Countries by Johhny Blair who writes about his travel experience. Those who are following the work of this travel enthusiast will be thrilled to hear that he announced that readers can expect new volumes in the future. 

As soon as you take a look at the chapter contained in the book, you are immediately driven by a lot of different destinations, many of which are unknown to many people, but our writer is here to illuminate them and show you what they are great destination to visit in the future. This is not just an ordinary book about backpacking, you are a witness to a whole experience of how the author fell in love with backpacking and how this adventure started. His gentle transition from one journey to another will allow you to go through the book easily and enjoy learning new and interesting things about the countries he’s visiting. You are a witness to Blair’s childhood memories and how he became the person he is today. This book is just the first chapter in his travel stories.

Johhny Blair is not your average travel writer – you’ll read stories written from the heart and see how he writes about everything included in his travels. The real truth about struggles during his travels, how he manages to travel in unknown places, and, most important, you could easily connect with him because he writes in a specific way.

You can find Johnny Blair online, writing his blogs and preparing for new travels that we all can wait to see printed. While we are waiting for that to happen, there are many great stories in the first volume that are just waiting for your attention. Order the book, find a cozy seat, and start enjoying amazing travel stories that will make you want to visit great places the author is writing about.

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