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Design styles come and go, but boho seems to always be present in people’s lives and homes. A complete opposite from the minimalism, bohemian décor offers layers, coziness and relaxing vibes. This is why the boho style is ideal to incorporate in your bathroom renovation ideas and create a laid-back ambiance to have a spa day at home.
Here are some boho style ideas that will turn your bathroom into a stunning and relaxing part of your home.

Install a freestanding bath

A freestanding bath is basically the epitome of boho style and if you have enough room, you should get one without having second thoughts. They come in various shapes from rectangular to round, although oval is the most popular in bohemian bathrooms. There is a large variety of freestanding bathtubs out there that will perfectly go with boho décor, from white to aluminum ones.
The best way to approach this is to choose the one that makes you feel comfortable so imagine yourself in it with hot water and essential oils. Also, if possible, try it in the store and see how you fit inside since boho style is all about being cozy and relaxed.

All colors are welcome

While boho style usually features warm shades like earthy tones, you can use any color you want as long as you pair it up correctly. The end result should be full of life and express a carefree ambiance that simply embraces you and makes you feel at home. The trick to this is to layer the colors even if it means combining styles that wouldn’t usually go together.
For example, you can use darker shades like green and brown and then add fiery orange and purple in some details or accessories. You can even add sequins and crystals which sparkle and add a joyful note to the bathroom design which will boost your mood. Also, don’t shy away from patterns like flower tiles or those with mismatched geometrical shapes since this will bring t he fun to your bathroom and visually enhance it.

Scout the market for vintage pieces

Before you hire bathroom renovation services you need to find fittings and accessories to replace the old ones. This includes faucets, toilet seats and basins the contractor has to install when the piping system is in place and operational. While you will easily find modern designs to fit in your boho style, go an extra mile to find that one special vintage piece that will redefine your bathroom and make it unique.

Flea markets and yard sales are a good place to start searching for your perfect item and it can anything, from a brass faucet to colorful rug. If that fails, there are many stores sporting vintage goods that will definitely offer even bigger choice and price range you can easily fit in.

Fill the space with plants

Nature is important for boho style and so your bathroom should definitely include plants. This means that when renovating, you should plan for enough space to fit the greenery in so it will have enough sunlight. If your bathroom doesn’t have a possibility for windows, then artificial plants will have to do. Just make sure to choose the high-quality ones which look exactly the same as the real ones and you will hardly notice the difference.

In the end

Work with your bathroom renovation contractor in order to use the space to its full potential and get the boho style you want. With so many bathroom renovation ideas out there, you will quickly find the best solution for your home. Just don’t forget to add something uniquely yours to make your bathroom special and exceptional.

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