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When we talk about the best cities in the United States, we usually use names like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or Washington, and only few people mention Denver in Colorado. This is very disappointing as this city has something to offer both local and travelers.

Let’s look at a few things Denver is proud of, and you might want to go there soon. A rental car is the best way to travel through the Denver highlands, which will allow you to visit all the most beautiful and secret places. With car rental under 25 DEN Airport you can move at your own pace, and be free from public transport. Not only the on-airport, but also many city pick-up locations are available at, so you will 100% find the right car for traveling in Denver.

But why is Denver a must-visit place in the US? The following reasons are the key to understanding this…

Unique geographical location

On the map, the location of the city is as follows: it occupies the central part of the USA between Great Plains in the east and Rocky Mountains in the south. Denver is the largest city within 800 miles around. Its central part is a plain that stretches along the South Platte River. The western and southern parts are hills.

Rich historical heritage

The city appeared on the map of the United States in 1858. Kansas gold diggers in the wasteland founded the settlement. This coincided with the era of the Gold Rush. Prospectors have found a significant gold deposit there. The whole area was bought on November 22 by William Larimer (Jr.). He gave the settlement the name of James Denver. But, by this time, the governor was no longer in office.

The news of a large gold deposit turned out to be erroneous. The situation was saved by the fact that the deposit was nevertheless found in the western part, which gave the city rapid development.

The decision on the name of the city was deprived of obtaining benefits for Larimer, but didn’t prevent the city from growing in 1876 into the capital of the Colorado State. The year 1861, which became the time for the city to be included in Arapahoe County, was decisive for it, bringing the settlement the status of the center of Colorado.

Lots of activities both in summer and winter

Winter is both cold and mild in Denver. Snow usually falls in October and in April, but it melts quickly. The coldest month is December. The temperature on the thermometer drops to -1°C during this period. Within one week of the year the temperature reaches -20°C, and it creates perfect conditions for the fans of snowmobiling, snowboarding and skiing that come to local resorts. They are located approximately 100-200 miles away from Denver, and car rental under 25 at DEN Airport is considered to be the best way to find them.

The flow of tourists to Denver doesn’t stop all year round, but in the summer and autumn it’s especially huge. In summer, humidity is low. That’s why it’s warm in the afternoon and not cold in the evening.

Sunny weather prevails, and you can enjoy it over 300 days a year, which is much more than in San Diego and Miami, although the climate is very changeable. The temperature in summer reaches +23°C. The middle of July is characterized by frequent thunderstorms brought by tropical humidity. In the summer, tourists go hiking and admire the most beautiful mountainous landscapes. Winter and summer are the best seasons for a holiday in Denver.

Iconic sights

If you don’t believe that Denver was once the mining capital of Colorado, take a look at its gold-plated dome of the Capitol or the local branch of the US Mint, which holds a quarter of the country’s gold reserves. The days of the Wild West are long gone, but the locals still prefer to wear a cowboy hat and a plaid shirt, as in ancient times.

The architectural appearance of the city is completely modern, with the exception of one street, preserved from the time of gold mining. But the most amazing thing you see when you drive into the city is the stunning view of the Rocky Mountains, which is a kind of picturesque scenery of Denver.

The United States Mint on Colfax Avenue on weekdays organizes guided tours of workshops where the coins are minted. You will see a bar of gold and a counting room full of finished products. In addition, Colfax Avenue houses the magnificent building of the local Capitol. When climbing the western stairs, stop at the 18th step, and you will find yourself at an altitude of a mile above sea level.

Family-friendly locations

Comfortable conditions are created for families with children. The city has a magnificent zoo, hosting various celebrations and holidays. Children will like to visit the Museum of Nature and Science, where they are allowed to touch the exhibits with their hands.

Denver Aquarium with reptiles, dolphins and sharks will be also their favorite place. In the summer, children can enjoy excursions to the picturesque corners of Denver. Winter is a perfect time to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, which is not only fascinating, but also very healthy activity.

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