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Best Online Platforms to Find Trades Jobs In Australia

If you’re a tradesman in Australia, you probably won’t be surprised by the following figures:

Highest paid trades jobs in Australia and avg yearly incomes:

  • Plumber – $110,000
  • Concreter – $107,500
  • Builder – $103,750
  • Flooring company tradesperson – $103,125
  • Carpenter – $102,424
  • Earthworks contractor – $94,167
  • Bricklayer – $92,500
  • Building designer – $91,111
  • Air conditioning and heating technician – $90,455
  • Lighting installer – $90,000
  • Landscaper – $88,750
  • Renderer – $87,500
  • Electrician – $85,972
  • Removalist – $84,167
  • Plasterer – $82,500

Yes, trades pay decent in Australia. Moreover, most Australian Tradesmen have the freedom of scheduling and can spend a good amount of time with friends and family to recharge for the next contract.  

That’s probably why you so often see tradesmen enjoying beers with their mates at the pub. They’ve got the time and money for it.

On average, tradies make more than $81,000 a year, which experts say contributes to their high rates of drinking – which has jumped by 5% to 77.5% in the last three years

Yep, trades jobs pay well in Australia. We’ve established that. 

But what if you’re a trades man in Australia thinking, where are these guys finding all these trades jobs from? Or maybe you don’t agree with what we said about “spending a good amount of time with friends and family” because that’s not what your current employment looks like.

Let me tell you that its really not that difficult. There are much more leaked pipes in Australia than available plumbers at any given time, or short circuits than electricians, busted air conditioners than Air conditioning and heating technicians and so on.

What you need is a list of resources to get you access to those trades jobs. And what a coincidence that you’re here, because the article you’re reading is just about that, a list of 5 best places to find Trades jobs in Australia.

  • Fixezi: Fixezi is number one on the list to find trades jobs in Australia for a number of reasons. Unlike its competitors, Fixezi has no signup or subscription fees and only charges you for jobs that you actually score not the ones you receive queries for. Clients come to you directly as your service is advertised free of cost by Fixezi. It’s fair game for all, the only edge you can have over a fellow tradesman is by having and maintaining a good review score. Fixezi charges only $9.95 regardless of how big of a contract you accept. Meaning you could be taking any trades job for $2000 and pay only $9.95 and even that only in the case you actually accept the job. 
  • hipages: hipages is a big resource to find a trades job in Australia. In FY 2020, hipages facilitated over 100,000 jobs posted by consumers each month, with an average of 1.5 million monthly visitors to the website. While these metrics may be intriguing, there are some major downsides to hipages as well. The main one being that you have to pay to get queries that you have no guarantee will give you the job. The average cost per lead can cost you anywhere between $9-50. Moreover, the competition is very strong due to its big name. But still due to the size of hipages our list of places to find Trades jobs in Australia would be incomplete without it.
  • Serviceseeking: ServiceSeeking is a big name in the industry as well. With almost 40 thousand Trades jobs posted in Australia every month. ServiceSeeking provides better conditions for Australian tradies than hipages. With ServiceSeeking you have to pay a subscription free and on top of that a percentage from the total job value.
  • Indeed: Indeed is a job directory free for both applicant and job poster. You can probably find some good jobs on indeed. But it’s a much harder struggle than the rest of the platforms here on the list. Not only are the number of jobs limited but the competition is also very high. But still you can find a good number of jobs and if you keep applying you will definitely get some results.
  • Hays: is also a good place to check out if you’re on the hunt for jobs as an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter or any other kind of tradesman in Australia. There is a decent number of jobs and it’s all over Australia. Although Hays is more focused on White-collar jobs, if you’re looking for a plumbing, electrician, carpenter job you can check Hays out as well.

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