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These dates are good for planning trips in winter in search of the sun. Many airlines launch offers to fly in the offseason at very interesting prices. With the return to work, the imminent arrival of the cold and before the descent of hours of light (each day darkens a little earlier) the mind flies to destinations where you can enjoy the sun. The options are many. Here is a list of twelve trips you can take into account if you are looking for a getaway in search of the “eternal summer”. Do not wait any longer. Take advantage of the best offers and prices available. Book here your stay at the best sun and beach resort. Study all the options on this link and enjoy an unforgettable vacation NOW.

  1. The Canaries in winter

It is perhaps the closest and most familiar “sun and beach” destination not only for Spaniards. The Canary Islands are also the favorite winter dream of many other markets especially German, Nordic and British,  friends to enjoy and walk through the sand while in their countries the sun naps and the anorak becomes the inseparable companion.

  1. Disconnection in Morocco.

A destination also close and easily accessible to Spaniards by the number of direct flights to Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca … And of course, you cannot rule out the option of traveling by car across the strait. This is a trip especially for those who like to change their culture, discover new smells and tastes!

  1. Getaway to Israel

Once in Israel, the most recommendable thing is to go out and explore the country, although if you are looking for sun and sand, the destination is clear. Bathing in the Dead Sea, the lowest point of the earth and the saltiest sea where floating is very easy, is another reason that motivates a trip to Israel. Book an excursion here to experience the most curious sensation.

It touches heading south to Eilat, the southernmost city of Israel (located on the border with the Sinai Peninsula, in Egypt). It is the coastal and tourist destination par excellence, where good weather is guaranteed, as it is usual to exceed 30 degrees centigrade!  during almost all the year. The offer of leisure and accommodation is very broad for both couples and families. Among the many recommended options, my favorite. Dive with dolphins and watching the corals of the Red Sea!

But beware, do not let the turquoise waters of the south steal your time to enjoy Tel Aviv, another coastal and cosmopolitan city bathed by the Mediterranean (if you like surfing keep your board in the suitcase). And of course, dedicate at least one day to the venerated and always exciting Jerusalem.  A destination of the most complete in every way!

  1. Jordan: sea and desert

Jordan is recommended for those who want sun, sea and desert destination. The most appealing option is undoubted, stroll through the enigmatic city of Petra in short sleeves in November!. Although I also recommend the red desert of Wadi Rum with the sun as a companion it is an experience worth taking into account.

. Jordan is a destination that shines more in these days, so do not forget that in summer they can reach 50 degrees! I assure you that with 25 degrees everything looks more beautiful. If you choose Jordan as a destination, do not hesitate. Stay at least one night to sleep in Petra and another night in a hotel in Wadi Run, two essentials a route through this beautiful country.

  1. Dubai

It is one of the most fashionable trips and, now, also comfortable for Spaniards for direct flights with companies like Emirates that already operate with direct routes from Madrid and Barcelona. And they offer stopovers in this destination that can be a few hours, a few days! And right this is the best time to visit this emerging destination where, if you want, you can spend a week lying on the beach or enjoying the services of any of the last generation hotels that work in this part of the world.

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