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Nowadays, it is easy to get travel inspiration because of the thousands of travel blogs across the Web. Not to mention that these blogs can also serve as guides on what to explore and do in a particular destination.

So, if you are looking for additional travel blogs to help you create a succinct travel plan, check out our recommendations below:

1. Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi

Started out by Indian couples, Nishtha and Rahul, the Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi specializes in providing practical tips and tricks for smart traveling.

Their travel blogs include popular and not-so-popular places to see, where to stay, the best time to travel, as well as some dos and don’ts.

Most of their posts talk about their trip to various popular places in India and nearby Asian countries like Singapore and Indonesia. And from time-to-time, they would post about their travel itineraries.

In addition to travel blogs, Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi also features resort and restaurant reviews of the popular places that offer both local and luxurious fine dining experience.

2. Maptia

Maptia’s mission is simple: To provide a platform to those who document and capture the world around us.

More than just a travel blog, Maptia allows its readers to experience various cultures through their content. It is a collaboration between travel photographers, travel writers, conservationists and more.

And the awesome part? This travel blog is an organization run by volunteers.

So, if you are looking for posts that allow you to learn from indigenous people, raises awareness about the effects of climate change in vulnerable communities, and to explore the wildest regions of the plant, Maptia is your go-to travel blog.

3. Dan Flying Solo

Currently based in Portugal, Daniel Clarke started Dan Flying Solo to document his experiences and share travel tips and stories to those who would like to visit Asia, Europe, or Australia.

It currently boasts 100,000 monthly page views and a total social media following of 80,000. On top of that, Clarke worked with brands like Skyscanner, Visit Britain, Visit Scotland, G Adventures, Edinburgh Festivals, and Marriot Hotels through his travel blog.

What’s cool about Dan Flying Solo, though, is that features both ends of the spectrum: A luxurious trip and traveling on a shoe-string budget. It is all good value travel, nonetheless.

4. Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley, the woman behind Adventurous Kate, loves to share her solo travels and adventures on her blog. Her mission is to teach women how to explore the world without compromising their safety.

What made this blog included in our list is the fact that Kate’s posts are experienced-based. She shares stories and tips on how you can travel anywhere with confidence. Plus, she makes her readers aware of what it is like to be an ethical traveler.

So whether you are looking for some beginner-friendly travel guide and inspiration or you are a seasoned tourist, Adventurous Kate is one travel blog that you should check out!

5. Nomad Revelations

If you are a solo traveler or a backpacker, you have to check out Nomad Revelations.

This travel blog provides exotic narratives and unexpected travel ideas for an exciting journey across Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Oceania, and North and South America

Mind you, Nomad Revelations feature travel blog posts on off-beaten path countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Congo. Usually in a camper van, motorcycle, on a road trip, or on a boat.

In addition, this travel blog focuses on people, history, and nature. Nomad Revelations also features posts about travel must-have and tips such as washing your clothes while traveling.

6. Cookiesound is Travelling

Founded by a mother-daughter tandem, Nisa and Ulli Maier, Cookiesound is Travelling is meant for those who would like to travel sans the tour guide.

What started out as a 12-month adventure through Africa in a 4 x 4 Mercedes Unimog truck, became a travel photography blog that it is known today.

But what makes Cookiesound is Travelling unique is the fact that their content is more on images than on texts.

From Vienna via Alexandria to Mombasa in Africa, this duo of travel photographers has experienced jungle trekking in Sri Lanka, scuba diving in Indonesia, and sunbathing on the beaches of Malaysia.

7. Big Family Little Adventures

If you are from a large family who likes to travel, you might get some ideas and inspiration from Big Family Little Adventures.

This family travel blog mostly features Disney adventures, camping, and family days out, as well as the stress and fun that comes with it ‒ and we are not just talking about the money, accommodation, and travel planning here.

Big Family Little Adventures shares what it is like to travel with seven children in tow, including finding a suitable destination in the UK that kids of all ages will love and enjoy.


With hundreds and thousands of travel blogs out there, it can be daunting to choose which one to follow. Hopefully, our post is able to give you a nudge to get started.

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