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Modern city life is an essential for lots of people in their 20s and 30s: it offers career opportunities that simply can’t be found in smaller towns, a vibrant social life and the chance to explore experiences you simply can’t elsewhere. Unfortunately, it also takes a toll on your skin. The stress of building a career in a high pressure office, late nights, and pollution can all leave you feeling exhausted, giving you a complexion to match!

Fortunately, the worst effects are avoidable! Building a beauty routine into your day can be a challenge if you’re not used to it, but it’s something everyone living in a city needs to think about, not just women. The traditional divide between women who have skincare regime and beauty products and men who don’t needs to be reassessed!

Laying the Foundations

If you’ve not had a regular beauty routine before you might want to start with a detoxifying, moisturising cleansing treatment at an aesthetician, beautician or dermatology clinic. The experts can restore your skin to a healthy state, which is easier to maintain and will reward the work you put in more. They can also identify if there are any underlying issues you may wish to treat going forward, which could have a big effect on your skin’s health and appearance.

Making an appointment at one of Skinsmiths’ Skin Clinic London locations, for example, means getting expert help to undo some of the damage that pollution and weather can do to your skin, and leave it looking younger, firmer and more healthy.

Daily Maintenance

Building a daily beauty regime isn’t as hard as you might think. There are just two major things you need to consider: cleansing at the end of the day and moisturising at the beginning. It can get more complex than that, but if you’re just starting to build a skincare regime then this will do your skin a lot of good and will help you build healthy habits.

Using a cleansing wipe or toner at the end of the day removes the accumulated toxins of a day’s travel around a polluted city and gives your skin a chance to recover overnight. You might also like to add a restorative night cream after cleansing that will boost your body’s ability to regenerate from damage during the night.

In the morning, adding the simple step of putting on a moisturiser that includes at least 30 SPF will help your skin build its moisture barrier – the outer layer of highly moisturised skin that stops toxins and contaminants penetrating the inner layers. It also protects you from sunlight and radiation, making it an essential way to build beauty into your day.


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