The blanket of serenity;

Wrapped in the cloak of concrete;

Immersed in the ecru and earthy tones;

Something sweeter than the honeycomb;

It’s the place that every member of the family owns…

The focal point of all social activities, like the family chit chat, or watching TV. Not only this, but it’s also the ultimate place to relax. It’s your Living room!

Our dwellings serve the purpose of satisfying our personal needs and give us pleasant vibes.

The way we style our home truly reflects our personality. Every room in the house should be designed to give a particular aura, which you can create through meticulous detailing.

The famous interior designer, Kelly Hoppen says, “I am convinced that a calm, quiet, and harmonious interior can be as beneficial to health as a sensible diet and regular exercise”

When people enter your house, it is the living room which gives the first impression. Undoubtedly, it tells a lot about your aesthetic sense.

Ever been in an embarrassing situation when you had to welcome a guest in a messy living room?

Avoid such guilty scenarios by designing the interiors attentively and maintaining them as well.

Commonly, living rooms all around the world have the same elements, such as sofas, a coffee table, a TV, and sometimes, a fireplace. You can play around these and add some unique touches to upgrade your space.

It is a proven fact that even a little improvement can uplift the aura of any living space.

There are numerous ways to change the ambiance of the living room, some of which we have mentioned below. Follow these tips to achieve an appealing, irresistible space to unwind.


A cluttered living room can easily trigger stress, which further leads to a negative mindset.

We can’t agree more with the bestselling NYT author Melissa Michaels who says, “Clutter is the stealer of joy and contentment.”

When you get rid of years-old clutter, not only you, add harmony and productivity in that space, but you also get a highly improved air-quality. This is because the stuff which was collecting dust for ages is no longer there, and the air becomes allergen-free.

Common examples of living room clutter are old DVDs, old newspapers and magazines, gaming equipment not used anymore, or broken cables. Even the personal belongings of family members you find here should be back in proper places to avoid overcrowding the area.

Hideaway unsightly cables through smart ideas such as baseboard chord channels and plastic cover kits.


The color of the walls set the tone for your living room ambiance. The good old, timeless white is the safest choice, which can never go wrong. Out of 9 lac living rooms surveyed by homestratosphere, 34.58% had white walls. Followed by beige, which was used in 31.42% living rooms.

For those wishing to set up a contemporary style, the trending hues are orange, mint green, or gray. As for the traditional look, you can opt for blue, green, or beige.


When it comes to lighting, the best advice would be to abstain from overdoing it. The key to having a well-lit space is highlighting areas that need lighting the most. Pendant lights, for instance, are great to serve this purpose.

Tip: Avoid placing lights near the TV to reduce eye strain.


A pivotal aspect is the placement of furniture according to the size of the living room.

Cramming a small space with large pieces of furniture is the worst thing you can do for your living room’s aura.

While revamping the space, a sane way is to buy good quality, comfortable, and the right-sized sofas and coffee table.

We recommend you to buy a sectional sofa and place it so that it faces the entrance. If your eyes crave for some incredible furniture pieces, Hawaii is the place to be. The furniture designs in Hawaii are enough to revitalize the aura of your space

Add in a lovely coffee table to improve the aesthetics of the room, and an ottoman if space is enough. Place all these in a way that people move smoothly without any fear of tripping over something.


A room whose corners are empty never looks complete. It is essential not to ignore the nook spaces and make them look appealing.

Our best bet would be to place indoor plants in the living room corners.

Alternatively, you can use a floor lamp, a slim vase, or even a sculpture to enhance the corner spaces.


There are plentiful family room accessories, such as a centerpiece for the table, cushions, paintings, vases, throws, and rugs. They are available in such a variety that one often buys a lot of them on impulse.

On the contrary, one should keep the least of such accessories to avoid a cluttered look. Just a single beautiful piece for the center, a painting, some catchy cushions, and a floor lamp is enough to add accent to space.

You can omit the centerpiece and go for scented candles instead, which you can occasionally light to set the mood.

Hang a painting that goes well with the color of curtains and upholstery as it will accentuate the overall appearance. Alternatively, try hanging three small pictures with matching themes in descending order.

Add in a reasonably sized rug, which also coordinates well with the accessories and upholstery. All the legs of your furniture should rest on the rug.

By keeping the above suggestions in mind, and adding some personal touches to the design, you can easily rejuvenate the aura of your living room. We would love to read your tips as well in the comments below.

On a closing note, take your time to churn out a plan that would adapt to the needs of every person living in your house. Redesigning your living room will definitely add serenity and good vibes to your daily life.

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