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Many people dance throughout the world as it is a fun activity. After long hours of work it makes us relax and enjoy our time with friends. While some people think dance as a talent or a hobby others follow it as a professional. They hire the professional instructors to teach them the latest moves. There are many genres of dance and in the United States the Country Western, Salsa, Hip Hop, Country Swing, and Jazz are most trendy.

Of all these dances Salsa is most popular throughout the world. There are many international competitions that you can take part in if you are good at this Latin dance. Search Google for Salsa Int’l-Klaipeda, Lithuania, Salsa Bangkok Fiesta- Thailand, Asia Pacific International Dance Championships (APIDC) and Istanbul Social Dance Marathon 2020 -Ataşehir, Turkey.

Another dance that can take you on a world tour is the belly dance. If you are good at belly dancing you can make a lot of money. In the Middle East at parties, belly dancers are flown in from various parts of the world to entertain guests at formal functions and weddings. To show your style at international competitive events look up the Nile Group Competition – Cairo, Egypt, Star of the Orient – Greece, Stockholm Bellydance Festival – Stockholm, Sweden, Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition – Long Beach, CA and Miss Orient Express – Austria.

For county dancing the Country Dance World Championships is the most esteemed dance competition. It will be held in December 29, 2019 – January 5, 2020 in Nashville, TN. American Country Dance Association is a good source of information about the dance competitions throughout the United States. Find information on events, rules and championships online. Arkansas Country Classic, Big Apple Country Dance Festival, Colorado Country Classic, and Italian Country Western Dance Classic also hold competitive events that you may to enter.

Dance is an aesthetic form of communication. With it you can tell a story or communicate a message. The sequence of movements also conveys various emotions and feelings. You can express yourself in many ways with various dance styles. These days dance moves are very well thought-out and portrayed by choreography. The American dances are popular throughout the world. People in various parts of the world are doing the hip hop and the square dance. Rock and Roll and tap dance were also immensely popular in the past. These days, Country Swing, Jazz and Foxtrot are fashionable.

To take part in international Country Western competitions you will need an instructor to check your level of expertise. You can improve your routine or ask the dance instructor to help out with preparing for the event. If you are a beginner and are enthusiastic about taking part in competitive events and festivals, the instructors will be more than glad to help you out. You can take group lessons or ask for private lessons that can be planned to suit your schedule.

Country western music is most popular and with it you can dance many different country western dances such as Two Step, Waltz, Traveling Cha Cha, and Polka Ten Step. Boardwalk dances like the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and Nightclub Two Step are also danced to country music. You can choose the style you want to dance and take lessons to buff up the skill.

Line dancing is popular with the American families as it is a lot of fun. They like the Watermelon Crawl Country Line Dance, Copperhead Road Line Dance, and Cowboy Boogie Line Dance the most. The steps are easy to learn and every one can learn to follow the steps in a matter of minutes to dance in harmony with others.

Country western dances are the least complicated ones with simple moves. It is a good idea to take up country western dance lessons and also take the kids along so they too can learn in just a few lessons. Then all in the family can enjoy quality time together at country western dance festivals and events. This will help bond the family well.

Dance is a social and a healthy activity. When you dance you can remain slim and smart. Your structure will improve and you will walk more gracefully. At old age, the mind also works well for those who have danced throughout their lives. Dancers lead healthy lives and are at a very low risk of Alzheimer’s, lung and heart diseases. These benefits of dancing have made it a popular activity with the young people.

After you join classes you will have to be on time. Showing up 10 minutes early is always good. This will give you time to warm up a little before you take your spot in the studio. Be attentive in class and try not to talk to the other students. If you get the moves right before others, do not try to make corrections in others. Wear stretchy clothes to class. Various styles of dance may require a different dress code so get the right dance apparel after you sign up for classes. Call and ask questions if you want to. Avoid chewing gum or bringing in food or drink to the class as it can be distractive for other students.


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