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Socks used in every age and gender on official duty and unofficial casual wear are an essential part of clothing for many people across the world. Socks are used even for newborns, toddlers, school-going children, professional people either businessmen and women and old age, hence by all. Socks are used as a fashion accessory and for the health of feet too. These are available in the market in different designs and types of fabrics. These are handmade and readymade too. Wearing socks helps in taking care of the softness of the feet skin, heel damages and relaxation of feet while wearing shoes. These are the mandatory part of formal shoes and joggers. Sizes and types of socks may differ, but the purpose remains almost the same. Socks, especially padded socks, help to return feet in the original size during rest. Feet additionally expand in size when they are in dynamic conditions. Socks prescribed by orthotics and foot professionals also help in preventing any injuries hurting to the skin soft tissues of the foot. The most common disorder due to the improper blood flow to the heart due to the excessive clot blockage is known as a venous disorder. The venous disorder occurs during standing or sitting and reason may depend on genes, valves weakening and sometimes due to multiple pregnancies. Compression socks are specially designed to prevent the disorder. Men compressions socks and for others are available in different sizes including full length, half-length, and ankle-length and running socks too.

Importance of wearing socks

Typically socks are used to keep the feet cover in extreme and normal weather conditions. Socks cover the feet skin to face direct exposure of the sun in summer and winter these prevent skin from having dry patches on it. For this purpose, both half-length and full-length socks can be used. The best way to wear socks is to first apply moisturizing lotion or Vaseline on the skin, especially on heels and surrounding area and then wear socks on them. This way helps in getting skin smoother. This way, a person can get rid of the uneven tone of feet too. Socks are mandatory in boots/ joggers/ fleet shoes, etc. because it prevents shoes from having odour too. The odour is of sweat that is on feet skin, and due to not getting properly absorbed, it leaves a bear less odour both in shoes and skin. The important point is that every time before wearing socks, feet should be properly washed and moisturized. After getting them moisturized, let the feet dry and then wear socks.      Socks other than types have different types of fabrics too that include silk, cotton, wool, padded, synthetic socks. These are available in different tones and designs, whether printed or additionally embroidered.

Types of socks

As described above, socks are used both for daily wear and a fashion accessory too. While wearing for formal and informal wear type of gatherings, gender and age affect the choices of socks. A person should always keep in mind the season while buying socks. Thick and woollen fabric socks are not suitable to wear in summers. Likewise, a single layer and thin fabric such as silk fabric socks cannot be worn in winters. The basic of the sock is to keep the feet relaxed, and if not chosen wisely according to the season, a person may end up hurting his own feet. Moreover, decent choices while wearing socks outside leave a long-lasting impression. Therefore, wearing sport socks are not suitable to wear under skirts.  In this regard, it has many types of it that can be classified as:

1. Ankle-length socks

Inside the loafers and when people do not want their socks to show up from the shoes, ankle-length socks are used. These are made of thin layer and cover just the downside area of the feet that has direct contact with the shoes. These socks do not have any later to cover up the upper skin of the shoe. These that is how to absorb the sweat and fulfil the purpose of wearing socks quite well.

2. Quarter length socks

Quarter length socks are one step ahead of no show socks. These are worn under the formal suiting for formal gatherings. These help to prevent shoe bites and keeping the feet sweat-free and relaxed.

3. Crew length socks

6-8 inches long socks that are generally used by many people to keep the feet and legs warm and tighten the skin. This helps skin from getting dust on it. In many sports-related activities, these are the type of socks that are used. These are known as crew length socks.

4. Calf length socks

Calf length socks are full-length socks that are worn under the uniforms, in winter, and by sportspeople during the sports of badminton, football or many others in which shorts are wear. There are special football socks available on the market too. The football socks are made of cotton and prevent swelling of the skin. These are worn to prevent any injury. The fabric of these socks is thick and warm. These are best suitable for any gender and age to wear in the winter season and snowy areas.

5. Knee-length socks

Knee-length socks are the other type of socks that are part of many army related jobs, especially for women where skirts are the formal uniform. Even if not skirts, both men and women wear it to have a warm effect and keep the muscles active and save from any injury. These are a mandatory part of the uniform in colder areas.

6. Diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are specially made of soft fabric and often have a gel inside it to save the feet skin from any bruises. These are specially designed because normal socks may have reaches onto the skin of a diabetic patient because of increased sensitivity. These socks also have a liner to prevent sudden shock.

7. Compression socks

As highlighted above, compression socks are made to prevent skin from venous disorder. Furthermore, these are the specialized socks for the people having pain in legs and ankles, etc. these are recommended for the people having weakness and for them who tend to sit or stand for a long time in a day.

8. Trouser socks

Used by women mainly, these socks are used to under skirts, etc. these are available in different shades while matching with the skin tone too. Women for professional gatherings and parties wear these socks. These are made of very thin light material. The main purpose of them is to cover the patches of the skin and keep it tight.


As highlighted above, there are many socks available in the market depending on the size, material, and purposes of wearing socks. The purpose may differ according to the gender and occasion on which these are worn. Socks, despite its fabric and type, is somehow mandatory to wear inside the shoes because of its benefits that include skin odour prevention. Socks, however, should be wear after washing, moisturizing and drying the skin.


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