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The occasion of Christmas brings many things on the plate. You are planning and buying gifts for your loved ones you are finding new recipes for a delicious holiday meal or trying to recapture the taste of the one that has become favorite in the family. Most above of all, you are also looking forward to decorating your home so that it can match the spirit of Christmas festivity.

At a first glance, decorating your home for Christmas seems like such a daunting task – both for your credit card, if you are on a budget; and your schedule, if you’d been rather late because of time constraints. In such cases, there’s little room for both your purse and wallet, as hiring a professional decorator always starts with steep deals, and being creative is not a pretty option, despite its perks.  That said, there’s always a remedy to a problem, and decorating your home on Christmas is definitely no exception

Without letting undermining your creativity, these DIV Christmas décor ideas provide some really easy ways to decorate your home:

Start by hanging the lights on things overtly shaped

Easily the most employed and essential method for Christmas decoration. Hanging Christmas lights around your house in different patterns will really give your decoration a unique turn.  Don’t just lay around Christmas lights clusters on the walls and ceilings, in fact, you can wrap them around on things in your house that are really overt in their shape. For instance, your bookshelf, cupboard, chairs, wardrobe, and even the empty boxes.

That is to say, find a collection of empty boxes and arrange them as a block for your desired shape. Once you are done, wrap the light clusters around its outline. This is really creative and easy method to ornament a simple Christmas tradition of lights.

Go for a minimalist but unique Christmas tree

As a Christmas tree is often the center of your decoration, it’s easy to fall into the misconception that it has to be densely ornamented. Sure, the aesthetics of highly decorated Christmas tree appeal to every creative heart, but sometimes a simple Christmas tree can be just as effective. By choosing to put seven baubles on your tree, with each color corresponding to that of a rainbow, you can actually bring up the motif of rainbow passing over your tree. This will give your Christmas tree a unique visual appeal all the while saving your time and effort by keeping the decoration minimal.

Fill your walls with different colored papers containing Christmas Quotes

Find myriads of differently colored papers, and have each of them written with some Christmas quotes. Let all the quotes be handwritten instead of print, as this will give your decoration rawer appeal. You can also come up with personal comments or confessions expressing gratitude and affection for your loved ones and friends, which will be a really healthy exercise. Attach those differently colored papers on your walls, tabletops, and even window panes. You can even combine different colored papers containing the same narrative by choosing to post them closer to each other.

Make snowflakes from the choice of your material

Although the common choice is paper, you can make snowflakes out of any material of your choice. For example, going for silk would give your snowflakes an odd sheen and then have them hang on your walls by threads. The reason some people choose paper is that it’s more affordable and easier to modify. You can add glitter on paper snowflake or paint a different expression or even an emoji, owing to the current rise of social media. This will add a bit of humor, and make your decorations more contemporary.

Line up the candles

As much as LED lights clusters enliven your Christmas decorations, a simple lining of candles will add a whole new dimension of aesthetics. You can put colorful candles next to each other and this will be an interesting combination as the colors will be rendered and mixed together differently under the flame of each candle. Line up the candle in the living room, around the Christmas tree, or even around the section where gifts are kept. This is the easiest method with the most poetic flavor that can be added to your Christmas decorations.

Grab a Wreath or Craft it

Introducing a wreath is an absolute must in your decorations. A wreath on your door is a classical Christmas symbol, with its circular shape symbolizing eternity – an unending cycle of life. Whenever you put a wreath, make sure to add some welcome card with it. It further adds to the ethics of Christmas tradition and is an easy way to further your embellishments. You can also put a wreath on your table or even align it with the Christmas tree.  Of recent, there’d been a trend of putting the wreath on the mirror – which is a really creative idea, as it gives the wreath a transparent background.

Post your stockings in stock on walls

It’s time that you collected all your colorful stockings stocked in your home, washed, and ironed them and finally posted them on walls. Your first instinct might tell you to go for new stockings, but your own stockings that have been in use will add a character to your decorations. The lining of colorful stockings against each other has been often incorporated in Christmas decorations, but rarely do people go for the stockings that already belong to them, have been in use, in fact.

Not only will it save you some bucks, but also add a sense of nostalgia to your overall decorations. A stocking belonging to a certain member of the family can act as an emblem of his or her identity.

This is both a playful yet intimate method of bringing the family together via decorations.


It’s an understood thing that planning and then actually executing a decoration for your home can become such a chore, especially among other holiday preoccupations. Not only then does it seem next to impossible to come up with proper arrangements, but owing to the hectic circumstances, we end up with rather lackluster results. In such cases, it’d be rather wise to look for ways that’d preserve the intricate aesthetics that go behind Christmas decorations without being too complicated about it. How you decorate your home will ultimately go on to showcase your own integrity when it comes to celebrating Christmas. However, all of these ways of decorations are not only easy to pull off but also creative for the Christmas look of your home. On top of that, owing to the modifiable nature of these ways, you can play with the embellishments as per your holiday mood!

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