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“Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.”

This phrase depicts the exact words on what I feel for my safe haven. And so the need to add beauty to my place is an evolving emotion.

Now imagine you have moved into a new place. Your home is beautiful, open, and spacious—or so you thought. It turns out your belongings overcrowd the space. As you unbind box after box of books, vases, and knickknacks, you worry you might have a hoarding problem.

Don’t worry; you do not have a hoarding problem. It just takes a bit of maneuvering, and you can fit anything in there. The best thing to do is to use décor to make your sanctuary beautiful and livable.

But how do you do that? Well, all you need are a handful of expert decor tips for homes.

Tips to Enhance the Beauty of your home

  1. Light It Up

Light is your greatest ally of all time. The more light sources in the room, the more space opens up. Even in bigger spaces, sunlight from windows is usually the most energy-efficient lighting option. It makes a room seem more inviting.

If your place does not have windows, artificial lighting can do the trick. You can use many light sources like lamps, fluorescent lights, and even chandeliers.

Playing with light can give you the illusion of a bigger, airy space even if you live in cramped quarters. Another way to open up space is to use mirrors to reflect the light and open up and beautify the space.

  1. Unblock the Floor

Floor lamps, settees, laundry baskets, and floor plans are not your very good friends, especially if you have young kids running around the house. Your rooms need the floor cleared and de-cluttered, so there is more open space. If you need to store or decorate anything, you should do it vertically.

Even when you have more surface area, it’s best to use the walls and ceilings to the max. You can hang lamps and plants or use shelves and cupboards for storage and decor. The walls should hang mirrors, shelves, and artwork.

Any seating arrangement should not overtake the entire floor space. This will allow you more breathing room and give you enough space to walk around easily.

  1. Complement with Rugs and Carpets

Now you might think this conflicts with the goal to keep the floor clear but rugs are great for both small and bigger spaces. Rugs and carpets add much-needed beauty to any room. They brighten up a room and offer warmth and comfort for those who walk, sit, and sometimes lie on them.

Go for bright, geometric, or vivid patterns to accentuate your decor and make the room look spacious than it actually is.

  1. Multi-purpose everything

Any kind of furniture you get should keep in mind the capacity of the living space. Buying a king-sized bed for a guest room makes no sense.

Having a guest room in a smaller apartment doesn’t have any logic, either. It will create an unusable space in already confined accommodations.

For bigger spaces also, going multipurpose always helps. What you can do is create a home office with a fold-out sofa as a dual-purpose workplace and guest room.

Everything in your home should be multi-purpose. This is why foldable furniture is your greatest asset.

You can use fold-out tables for dining and workspaces. You can even use folding chairs when you are entertaining guests. This way, you have the necessary furniture that is not permanent fixtures.

  1. Kill the Dead Spaces

As much as you need to use multi-purpose furniture, utilizing the rooms space to the maximum is also essential. Any unused space is dead space, and great organizers know to kill all dead spaces.

Use storage baskets on top of shelves and plants on window sills and terraces to kill dead spaces. You can use techniques like hanging door organizers to limit dead spaces on the backs of doors. This way, you are using them instead as storage areas.

  1. Strategically Place Furniture

It’s just as important to intelligently use the furniture you have as it is eliminating dead spaces. A living room’s sofa set should not be pushed against the walls. Instead, it should be floated in the middle of the space so that there is more room.

Similarly, you can use a table to divide a kitchen. You can use one half as the kitchen and the other as the dining area, creating two spaces with just a table.

You can use décor items to play with space, as well. If you place paintings and artwork higher up towards the ceiling, it will definitely add to the beauty. The artwork is a great tool for this because it makes your room look chic and sophisticated.

  1. Organize Well

Organize your spaces so that the rooms are livable, spacious, and multi-purpose. Use smarter storage options that can keep your space clutter-free.

You can use hanging or open shelves to put away everyday items like keys and cups. You can also use shelves for decorative purposes by using them as displays for your book or antique collections.

Use furniture options that are built to organize and de-clutter smaller spaces. For instance, storage beds give you extra space in a smaller bedroom.

  1. Choose Paint Wisely

Paint can bring your space together into a cohesive aesthetic. It can also make it seemed haphazard and cramped. In an apartment, you can choose the paint based on the room itself.

Dark paint can give the room depth and character. If paired well with brighter décor options, it can also make the room look stylish and airy. Darker colors can be great for study rooms or bedrooms that do not have natural lighting.

Lighter colors are better with windows as they reflect the natural light. Living rooms with many windows can work well with lighter paint options.

Happy decorating!

Now that you know what to do, get back to those boxes, get the necessary arms and decorate your home strategically. All the available space can work to your advantage if you know how to employ it efficiently. Just add a couple of decorative pieces, complement with storage options, and ornament the whole residence with flair!

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