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Exciting Half Day Elephant Tour Options In Chiang Mai

The Best Half Day Elephant Tours in Chiang Mai

One of the most exciting activities to do during your stay in Chiang Mai is take a half day elephant tour. Elephants are magnificent animals that are wonderful to encounter during your trip. 

When you go to enjoy time with the elephants, you want to make sure that you get a great quality experience that will not only be fun for you, but also be healthy and enjoyable for these animals as well. This article will give you some suggestions for the best half day elephant tours to consider in Chiang Mai. 

Elephant Nature Park

The Elephant Nature Park has one of the best half day tour options for seeing elephants in Chiang Mai. This conservation park is renowned for its preservation of endangered species, ethical treatment of elephants as well as all their other animals, and excellent educational opportunities for their visitors.

The Elephant Nature Park does not offer riding or bathing for their elephants, but instead provides wide open spaces for their animals to live as closely as possible to how they would in the wild. This amazing experience is great for both you and the elephants that live there.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

 While the Elephant Jungle is not quite as large or well-established as the Elephant Nature Park, they also offer a great ethical elephant experience for visitors. Their half day elephant tour from Chiang Mai gives visitors the opportunity to learn about these beautiful animals, feed them, and enjoy a mud spa with them. 

In addition to a great experience, the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary also provides you with food and complimentary photographs of your experience there. They are also striving to create a safe, happy space for their animals, while also giving visitors the chance to enjoy a fun elephant encounter.

Burm and Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary (BEES)

This sanctuary was founded by Burm and Emily after the two of them witnessed the horrible living conditions of most elephants in Thai elephant sanctuaries. They wanted to provide a space where elephants could be themselves and ensure that the animals would be happy and healthy instead of forced to perform tricks for visitors. 

Volunteering and staying at this beautiful elephant paradise is a great way to give back to these amazing creatures and to the Thai countryside during your trip.

Seek Out Ethical Elephant Treatment in Tours

Wherever you decide to go in Chiang Mai for a half day elephant tour, make sure that you are investing your money responsibly in elephant sanctuaries that prioritize the wellbeing of these gentle giants. 

As tourists, our dollars can make a huge difference in telling tour operators what we want and promoting sustainable, animal-friendly tourism opportunities that both provide us with fun, unforgettable experiences, but which also ensure that the elephants we are so excited to see also live happy, healthy lives.

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