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New York is considered to be one of the capitals of world fashion. Therefore, it’s not in vain that many travelers choose this place to satisfy their shopping habits. For every fashion-monger, there’s nothing better than to rent manual transmission car in NYC and visit all the most fashionable boutiques of the city. The city is full of designer shops and outlets, which are a great way to spend time there.

Not a single magazine report on street fashion is complete without stylish girls and boys from New York. Fashion weeks are held there every year, where you can meet many actors, bloggers, stylists, and singers from around the world. But who else makes New York so significant in the global fashion industry?! Of course, these are fashion designers! This city has presented us with truly talented and sought-after masters. Here are the most famous of them:

Donna Karan

American designer and creator of the DKNY brand is from NYC. She was born in New York, her mother and stepfather worked in the fashion industry. Therefore, it’s not at all surprising that a girl from an early age showed a love for clothes. So, at the age of 14, she began working as a seller. Then she graduated from George W. Hewlett High School, where she studied art of design and drawing for two years.

Donna Karan is a designer with the help of which we learned about the seven basic things of the wardrobe of each resident of a big city: a sweater, trousers, leggings, a leather jacket, a blouse, a dress and, of course, a suit.

The face of DKNY was one of the most sought after fashion models in the world – Kate Moss.


Marc Jacobs

This American designer is the creator of the Marc Jacobs brand. Born into a Jewish family, he lived with his mother, sister and brother. In New Jersey, he graduated from a mathematical school. Just like the previous designer, Marc Jacobs began working as a seller in a fashion store, which was the beginning of his great career. The young man decided to become a fashion designer at the prestigious Parsons The New School of Design.

The face of the Marc Jacobs brand was the scandalous singer Miley Cyrus.


Michael Kors

This is a well-known American designer of clothes, accessories, perfume, as well as the owner and creator of the Michael Kors brand. The young man was studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He began to develop clothes at the age of 19.

Each designer’s collection was a great success, and critics called him the first designer of mass-produced women’s clothing. The fans of Michael Kors are America’s former first lady Michelle Obama, singer Jennifer Lopez and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. The face of the brand was the famous Estonian model Carmen Pedaru.

For many years in a row, clothes and accessories from Michael Kors are considered to be very popular among fashionistas.


Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy is the American fashion designer and creator of Tommy Hilfiger brand. He was born and raised in New York in a large family, and was the second oldest kid among 9 children. Parents wanted their son to become an engineer, but Tommy had other plans – he dropped out of school and decided to engage in trade.

Hilfiger’s first business is a clothing store for teenagers. Unfortunately, it didn’t become successful, and therefore the man decided to engage in modeling clothes for well-known brands. Despite the fact that Tommy founded his company in 1984, his brand became popular much later thanks to the first men’s collection. The designer is also involved in charity work, and he once very actively supported the Formula 1 teams.


Vera Wang

It seems to that nowadays any girl or woman knows the name of Vera Wang, how she looks and what she is so famous for. This is the world-famous designer, in whose wedding dress almost each bride wants to marry.

Like the rest of the designers, the woman was born in New York State, but has Chinese family roots. In the 40s, her parents moved to the United States from Shanghai. The world might never recognize a great designer, since initially the girl was engaged in figure skating and had big plans for the future. Due to the fact that she wasn’t able to get into the US Olympic team, she went into the world of fashion.

Vera herself created a wedding dress for her wedding, after which the most famous brides of America began to apply for her help. In addition to modeling, Vera Wang was the chief editor of the Vogue’s fashion section.

Among the women who married in Vera Wang dresses were Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kim Kardashian and many others.

The face of the brand was the famous actress and former wife of Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes.

Definitely, New York has the title of one of the most fashionable cities. Talented, extraordinary and very creative people live in it. Therefore, it’s not surprising that in such a large, vibrant city, the fashion industry is developed at a high level, and the world has been admiring designers from this American state for decades. So, and what is your favorite designer from New York?

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