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A regular carving knife cannot do every task. With guests waiting for you to serve food on the dining table, one cannot be dependent on one simple knife.

There are several types of knives available for different purposes, each with their own respective strength and cutting power. The sharpness and it’s premium material are other significant factors that determine the type of knife suitable for perfect meat cutting.

Here is a list of the 5 meat knives most suitable to help you with the slicing and grilling. With different kinds of knives available in the market, it might get complex deciding which is the right one.

First, you need to ask yourself what meat type you specifically cut and how do you wish to do it. By answering these simple questions, you will be able to find the right knife for your fit for your needs.

1. Ergo Chef Meat Carving and Slicing Knife Prodigy Series

This is the type of knife which has a blade length of 12 inches. The major constituents of the blade include high carbon tempered stainless steel. The handle is made up of a non-slip thermoplastic for better grip.

This is the ideal knife that has gotten great reviews on Amazon as well due to its efficiency in slicing and carving. It helps cut several pieces of meat in a very neat manner using the least amount of time and energy. There is nothing that cannot be done with this Ergo Chef Knife.

There are small divots located on the blade. This feature allows easy placement of the meat slice onto the plate without feeding the need of scarping it off the knife.

2. Dalstrong Butchers Cimitar Knife

The next on our list is this Japanese knife that is made with Japanese imported AUS-10V super steel. It has 66 layers of folded steel incorporated in the best way possible to provide strength and finesse. The handle is made with fiberglass resin which allows a strong grip for easy cutting.

The best thing about these knives is that they look extremely stylish and cool. The cutting mechanism, along with its aesthetics provide a ninja strike style that has no comparison. It is only millimeters thick with 66 layers of folded steel.

The blade is curved at the end, this angle provides additional options for a smoother cut. The shallow divots are also available to prevent food from sticking on it.

3. Victorinox Fibrox Slicing Knife

Victorinox Slicing Knife is manufactured by the Swiss company, Victorinox which are in this field since 1884. The mission of this company is to provide sustainability and strength and cater their users in the best way possible.

The Granton knife, which is 12-inches long is the ideal knife made with a lot of detail. It comes with lifetime warranty and is NSF certified.

Several features of this knife cannot be ignored. The first being its competency to provide multiple uses such as not being limited to cutting meat only. Moreover, users have the freedom to use from several sizes.

4. Wushthoff Classic Chef’s Knife

Wushthoff is a global company that has its own high standards to maintain in every item they sell. The knives are pretty handy, and they all come with safety instructors and profiles so that the user is well aware of its usage. It can be used for cutting and chopping and is available in several lengths such as 7-inch to 10-inch.

The knives do not come with NSF certification, but they come with a lifetime warranty.

5. Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife

Zelite infinity takes pride upon the fact that their knives have a good life and they are made with high-quality materials. The best thing to note about Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knives is that they are multi-purpose. These knives are used for cutting, chopping, cleaning, boning, and slicing.

Moreover, the handle of this knife is ergonomically designed to cater to users in the best way possible. The company only manufactures knives which highlight how their attention is only limited to producing high-quality functional knives.

However, the drawback is that the length is limited to only 7 inches. The company website is not very useful, as well. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty but is not NSF certified.

Final Thought:

There is a large pool of knives available in the market. Users need to know which purpose they primarily want to use the knife for which will make the decision easier.

Moreover, there are different kinds of knife edges too that you can look for. They determine the type of cut. Identify the type of handle you are comfortable to worth with.

Wood, rubber, and plastic are the basic types of materials used to handle construction. You can pick the one which fits in your hand and provides a sound grip.

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