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The job of interior design may seem easy,



It is not.

Any interior designer must not only achieve what their customer envisions but optimize costs for every customer. In addition, they must ensure that they create energy-efficient solutions that make a world of difference in how you live your life.

The industry snapshot presented by the infographics also shows that the misconception of having interior designers only think up designs are outdated. The industry functions on its own trends and practices that lay its foundation.

The industry has been performing brilliantly over the years, with interior designers creating about $9.1 Billion in sales only in 2016!

Flooring – Yay or Nay

While most customers would love to work with these brilliant designers, they often find that having your floor designs is not as exciting as the other aspects. Flooring induces stress among most.

Why? Well, why not.

Imagine yourself designing your own flooring around the entire house. Would you not stress yourself out thinking about how your decisions at that one moment will impact how you navigate your humble abode throughout your future there? Of course, you would.

Furthermore, how would you feel uprooting the entire flooring already in place inside your home? Ensuring not only the right clearing but also the right disposal of all the debris adds to the already stressful decision.

That figures why the flooring industry may create demand for the disposal industry. Of the total respondents, about 27% favored landfill disposals while installing new flooring at their homes. Either way, the decision involves not just your own self but the surrounding areas too.


So, in discussions of how flooring works, there is plenty of discussion as to why anyone would choose to take such a stressful decision. While there may be plenty of reasons for doing so, it is clear that damaged floors were the most crucial reason, with 50% of respondents choosing to replace their flooring because of it.

But that was not the only primary reason. Almost balancing out the scale was the willingness to update their own décor. About 48% updated their flooring because they wanted the latest designs. Who doesn’t like the feel of new and modern design?

The Top Ideas

To make your flooring decisions easier, we introduce you to the best flooring ideas.

Before we begin, it is essential to understand that flooring trends are a very long shot.

The design industry is not as dynamic as the fashion industry, and therefore, trends tend to stay for much longer than typical fads.

So, without further ado,

Let’s review the latest flooring ideas that will sweep you off your feet (pun intended):

1.      Hard Surfaces over Carpeting

While carpets create an aura of luxury and a premium feel, it seems that people are not very fond of that feeling anymore.

What people have really come to prefer over the last five years is hardwood flooring that needs no carpets to stand out.

According to a report, the rugs and carpet have been losing share to the hardwood flooring by about 0.3 percent in square feet. While it previously dominates with a 45 percent share, in 2018, the share of sales for rugs and carpets fell to 43.1 percent.

2.      Goodrich and Herringbone Rules

Of the most recent popular designs in flooring, Goodrich is the top pick. And this is not a new trend like we said trends take longer to develop and stick around longer than in the fashion industry, the trend has been developing well before 2016.

The top players in the market for flooring have observed their Goodrich flooring plans being adored since 2016.

A 131% rise in Pinterest searches for Herringbone patterns and a 60% increase in Goodrich sales is more than just a modest rise, though.

The designs themselves have also been a part of the trend for favoring more modest colors that fit in with a diverse range of color schemes and decors in your home. It seems the more flexibility a floor design can give you, the better.

3.    Hardwood or No Wood?

Without a doubt, hardwood flooring has been one of the most popular types of flooring throughout the world. Not only has it been the face of flooring renovations, but it has been here as long as the flooring industry itself.

Even today, as the chart above shows, Hardwood is one of the most popular choices today. However, something is missing in the chart. The chart does not cover the changing dynamics in play as of this very moment.

What dynamics do you ask? The rule of Luxury Vinyl Tile. While this flooring comes in a number of looks, including wood, it offers several benefits over woods. Especially considering the fact that LVT is more water-resistant and last longer at more cost-effective rates, the share of Wood Flooring in the US seems to be falling.

So, what people seem to be looking for is more and more tile store Austin on Google to find LVTs, rather than wood flooring options.

4.      Flooring and the Environment

Now, more than ever is a need to make conscious choices in every aspect of your life.

That is why flooring has come to favor more and more environmentally friendly options that leave a smaller footprint.

Perhaps that is one reason why the hardwood flooring sector seems to have somewhat declined. But it has been more a shift to bamboo material for flooring than hardcore shunning of the segment.

Bamboo offers not only more durability but is also a more eco-friendly choice, especially in the North American segments.

Final Word

While it seems daunting to give your home a new look by way of how your feet feel on the floor, flooring is definitely an essential aspect of your house design. So, when you do decide to change it, ensure that you have some expert supervision with you. It will definitely go a long way.

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