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Most of the time, people get themselves into quite a situation that can lead to a form of injury. It’s a part of life and more often than not, it’s not anything too serious.

However, there are going to be times where it is serious and if you don’t address it soon, it might get worse.

The reason why some people don’t want to go to the doctor is that they think that there’s nothing major wrong with them or they simply don’t know when something is a serious issue.

On that note, below are some symptoms to watch out for after a foot injury that will tell you whether or not you need to see a podiatrist.

1. Severe pain

If after a foot injury, you feel severe pain that lasts longer than it should after the impact, then you might have a fracture or something else entirely.

If you feel like you can’t rest your weight on your foot, if it’s swelling in any way, bruising, or you can’t walk right and are limping, then these may be signs that you have a broken foot. The severe pain that comes with broken bones in your foot should be indication enough for you to go see a podiatrist.

You should go see one immediately so that you don’t end up worsening the injury for yourself.

2. Swelling

One other thing you should keep a track of is whether your foot is swelling or not. This can happen if you have a job that requires you to be up and on your feet for a long period of time often.

Another reason why your feet may be swelling is because of overweight. In some cases, the medication you may be taking might be leading to your feet swelling.

If you think this might be the case, then it’s important that you check with a podiatrist to find out what the actual cause may be.

3. Numbness

Losing sensation in your feet may be from different causes. Aside from the general feeling of numbness, there are other symptoms that might show up alongside the numbing feeling.

Some people feel like their feet are tingling, maybe there are pins and needles as well, or if their feet feel week in general.

There are lots of possible reasons as to why you might be feeling your feet numb. Some diabetic people experience this. For some, prolonged sitting can also cause this.

However, there are plenty of serious reasons as to why this must be happening. Thus, you need to get checked by a licensed medical professional to find out.

4. Unable to walk

If recently or all of a sudden, you find yourself unable to walk or you can’t seem to walk right, then you might need medical attention as soon as possible.

If you can’t seem to put weight on your foot, then it’s also a cause for concern that you need to get help with.

If you’re suddenly unable to walk after an injury, then this has likely a lot to do with why you aren’t able to walk. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is fine and dandy.

There may be other causes that you need to worry about so get yourself checked as soon as possible.

5. Discoloration

According to Stefan Edwards, a podiatric surgeon, another thing to look out for is discoloration around your feet. If that’s the case, you might want to consider seeing a podiatrist.

In case you noticed feet discoloration after incurring an injury, it can sometimes not be anything too serious. However, if the injury is more serious and painful, then do let a doctor check you.

Some discoloration may be because of a disease instead of the injury so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Tenderness

If after your feet suffer an injury and they’re still quite tender after a long while, then you should get it checked. There are plenty of causes for a tenderfoot and some might not be related to the injury itself.

To be able to find out what exactly you need to do to treat your tenderfoot, then consult a medical specialist.


It’s always better to tackle issues as soon as they arise rather than wait for something more grave to occur. This is especially true when it comes to your health.

By tackling the aforementioned issues as soon as they occur, you will have an easier and faster time trying to deal with the problem. Aside from that, your health wouldn’t be compromised.

If money is one of the main driving factors as to why you want to avoid going to the doctor too soon, then at least be on the lookout for these symptoms listed above.

If you’re dealing with these symptoms then you should definitely go to a podiatrist.


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