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Healthiest Seafood Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter


 Fishes are one of the healthiest foods that Earth has bestowed upon us. They, when cooked well, not only taste very good but are also one of the most nutrient-rich foods available to us. It contains a very essential fatty acid called Omega-3. Omega-3 has some of the following benefits:

  • It can improve eye health
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease
  • Improve brain activity in early life
  • Reduce symptoms of ADHD
  • Fights inflammation
  • Improves mental disorders

Fish experts believe is the healthiest meat to eat for people of any age and the fatty acid in fishes, even though very important, is not created by our bodies themselves so it is recommended by many advisory councils all around the world that it be eaten at least twice a week. Even though that does not happen in many places around the world, Fishes are considered seasonal food for the winter season as it also warms our bodies. So coming up, here are the 10 fishes you want to make a part of your diet this winter.


Healthiest Seafood: Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter

Tuna is one of the most popular fish that is available fresh and canned. A favorite of many people because of its taste, one can very easily make it a part of their diet. It can be prepared very easily and has many popular dishes. Here are some Tuna dishes you can look up which are:

  • Garden Tuna Salad Sandwich
  • Bow-Tie Salad with Tuna
  • Rustic Pasta Toss with Tuna and Tomatoes
  • Tuna Mushroom Quiche

Striped Bass

Striped Bass

This is an excellent fish to eat once you remove some of its dark meat. It has a very fine and consistent taste. It also has selenium and omega 3. Some of its most popular recipes contain the following:

  • Roasted Black Sea Bass
  • Black Sea Bass with Chile Salt
  • Black Bass with Chickpeas Clam
  • Sea Bass with Cherry Tomato



Sardines are actually a few different kinds of small saltwater fishes that are full of nutrients. They contain different vitamins. They are very easily available in canned form.

Here are some recipes you want to look up and try:

  • Grilled Sardine
  • Sardine Snacking Toast
  • Sardine salad with Chickpeas and Feta
  • Pasta with Kale pesto and Sardine

Rainbow Trout

Healthiest Seafood: Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter

Rainbow trout when farmed is a very nutritional fish to eat than to catch one in the wild and risk contamination. It is full of omega 3, vitamin B, vitamin B, and Iodine. Here are some recipes for Rainbow trout:

  • Honey DIll Trout Fillet on a Cedar Plank
  • Baked Honey Lemon Steelhead Trout
  • Lemon Pepper Parmesan Roast Trout
  • Honey And Thyme Whole Grilled Trout


Healthiest Seafood: Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter

A very popular fish, Salmon is a huge source of Omega-3 which keeps the heart in good condition, Proteins that help the bones and muscles grow stronger, Vitamin B, Potassium, and selenium. There is an ongoing debate about farmed and wild salmon and which type of salmon is good. Farmed Salmon may have some eyebrows raised so just to be on the safe side, we will recommend that if you want salmon then try to find it out in the wild. Here are a few Salmon Recipes:

  • Roast Side of Salmon with Chermoula
  • Teriyaki Salmon with sesame pak choi
  • Spinach Kedgeree with spiced salmon
  • Pesto Salmon and bean gratins
  • One-pan salmon with roast asparagus


Healthiest Seafood: Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter

This saltwater fish is an excellent source of Omega-3, Vitamin B12, iodine, Choline, Phosphorus, and selenium. Here are some recipes you would want to try:

  • Fried Cod
  • Cornflake-Crusted Baked Cod
  • Baked Lemon Garlic Cod
  • Classic Fish and chips
  • Crispy Lemon Cod
  • Spice-Rubbed Cod
  • Baked Stuffed Cod


Herring fish

A fish very similar to sardines, herrings have a mild and flaky which can be cooked and served by Frying, smoking, and pickling it. They are good to eat as they are a very rich source of protein. Check out some of these herring recipes:

  • Herring with dill and mustard potato salad
  • Devilled Herrings with green sauce
  • Herring with Dill and mustard potato salad


Healthiest Seafood: Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter

Mackerel is one of the tastiest yet the cheapest fish out there. They are also full of nutrition. They are a huge source of Omega-3,  Proteins, Vitamin D, and Selenium.

Do look up some of these recipes for mackerel:

  • Chargrilled Mackerel with sweet and sour beetroot
  • Pan-Fried mackerel fillets with beetroot and fennel
  • Scandi smoked mackerel on rye
  • Japanese style mackerel rice bowl


Healthiest Seafood: Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter

Perch can be found in fresh and saltwater. When cooked it has a mild yet sweet flavor. It contains fatty protein, sodium, potassium, calcium, and many types of vitamins. Some recipes of perch are:

  • Yellow Nile Perch
  • Fired white Perch
  • Caucus Club’s Sauteed Lake Perch
  • Pink Perch Curry

Arctic Char

Healthiest Seafood: Top 10 Fishes To Eat In Winter

This is a hybrid fish whose flavor exists somewhere between a salmon and a trout. This fish is a great source of nutrition. It provides nutrients like Omega-3, Protein, and Sodium. Try some of these recipes made with arctic Char:

  • Arctic Char Tostadas
  • Arctic Char with Charmoula
  • Sesame Arctic Char Donabe
  • Baked Garlic Dill Arctic Char


 Here are some of the best fishes we think that will make a fine addition to your winter cuisine. All of them are full of nutrition and help your body and mind grow.


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