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What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

No doubt, our dressing speaks loads about us. People immediately make a perception of us before they even talk to us and hence our dressing needs to be immaculate. We buy women’s magazines, and we stalk celebrities because deep down we aspire to be like them. Yes, it is true that you should be yourself. But there is no harm in getting inspired by the ones that rule the fashion world.

Fashion, however, often leads to accumulation and wastage of money because trends update every year and things become obsolete. However, we don’t suggest that you keep buying new things and get rid of the old ones. You can be on a budget and yet maintain a stylish look. Here is how you can incorporate the latest fashion trends into your lifestyle.

Buy The Classics

Following fashion trends can be heavy on the pocket. Hence, we recommend that you get a collection of classic things that are evergreen.

For example, when it comes to shoes, you can keep some staples in your collection such as nude heels, and black ankle boots. They go with everything; they are never out of fashion and add a touch of luxury to your entire look.

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, the famous tech entrepreneur, has nude heels as a part of her work uniform. “My go-to look is simple. It’s a blazer, a shell (a.k.a top), jeans, and nude heels,” says Cassidy.

Similarly, for your outfit, you can get a leather jacket that is always trendy. Pair it up with your jeans or pencil skirt to get a badass look. You can see celebrities wearing them all the time; it is the ultimate celebrity fabric. Do you know how long these biker leather jackets have been around? They were first introduced during the First World War. They made an entry into Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s, and since then they have been a part of the fashion world in different form and styles.

Get Advantage of  the Sales

Sales are the perfect opportunity to stop drooling over your favorite celebrity look and actually get one. If you want to look cool and trendy, keep a tab on the latest sales.

Outnet, for example, is the perfect place to buy designer pieces. On one occasion, the retailer gave 80% off on all items. And guess what? Meghan Markle’s favorite brand, Aquazurra was also on sale. The Aquazurra flats that are usually available at $795 were being sold for only $238.

January is perhaps the best time to get an advantage of these sales. The Carolina Santo Domingo statement bag was marked down from £540 to £162 on New Year, a perfect time to catch up on affordable shopping.

Get Some Fashion Apps

Perhaps half of the women’s lives are spent deciding what to wear. Want to make your life easier? Download a fashion app that will do all the thinking for you. Mode Relier, for example, is an amazing app that mixes and matches the best outfit from your available attires. The app will take into account your skin tone, your makeup, and hair and give you the best possible look.

ShopStyle is yet another great app that takes off the fashion burden off your shoulders. With this app, you can browse the shelves of your favorite brands at one tap. So instead of surfing through various individual websites, you can use ShopStyle.

For the best shoe shopping experience, you can download Stylect. The app has been termed as the ‘tinder for shoes.’ The app has more than 50,000 shoe styles that you can browse from, ranging from designer to Nike. You can select your preferred style, based on price and color.

Keep Up With The Trends

Heidi Klum aptly said on Project Runway, “In fashion one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out”. The key to fashion is to keep up with the trends. Thanks to the Internet and social media platforms you can do that easily.

However, to catch up with the trends before they become mainstream, you can follow the fashion weeks that happen twice in the US. One will tell you the latest update for the spring/summer season and the second will bring you up to date with the winter/autumn collection. You can also follow the influencers on Instagram or subscribe to the latest magazines such as the Vogue, or ELLE. Major brands advertise their latest products in these magazines. Moreover, these magazines have interviews with designers that will bring you up to date with what is new.

Other than that, keep an eye on the celebrities dressing and the mega-events such as the Grammy’s, Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival.

Perhaps even a better way is to go out for window shopping. Who doesn’t like shopping, right? However, when you do go, don’t just start hoarding stuff; instead, buy more frequently than buying a lot at once.

The key to good dressing is perhaps a well-organized wardrobe. So, if your things are thrown here and there, then you would never find the right things at the right time.

You would rarely find a woman that does not like dressing up. However, keeping up with the latest trends could be a hassle if you are mostly busy and don’t have enough time to catch up.

It is easier to get lost in the upcoming trends and what is in and what is not, which is okay to some extent. However, remember that fashion is also about exuding confidence and being yourself. Hence, don’t make yourself uncomfortable for the sake of fashion. Maintain your individuality; be comfortable in your own shoes and don’t fret much about it. Whatever you wear, it is who you are as a person is what matters the most.


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