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Every day I think of a beautiful house

Seated by the fireplace, thinking of the old town

The dreamy serenity takes me in

Sad, the feeling disappears within a blink

Don’t be sad, you can still make the dream come true…

You have been living in your house for a long time, and you have some extra cash at hand. You decide to remodel your home so that it looks good to you.

Now there is just one problem. What to remodel and how to remodel? There are two ways to remodel your house – irrespective of where you live.

If you are living in the US, people who see a new house on the block up for sale are going to pay more for it. That’s how it goes in other parts of the world. With that said, you don’t have to renovate everything.

Perhaps, it is even better if you consult a real estate broker about what things will add more value to your house. By knowing that, you will only fix the things that are of most value to your potential buyers.

However, to save your time and to give you an idea about what works, we have created a list of all the things that can give your home a complete facelift.

  • Kitchen

Don’t go for a full kitchen replacement. Most homes don’t require significant kitchen remodeling. And, buyers are always interested in looking at the equipment available in the kitchen.

So, make sure to think from the perspective of a buyer. What would you look at in a new house?

The shelves, cupboards, sink, faucets, and it needs to be clean. That’s what you should do with your kitchen. No need to change the overall design. Simply give it a decent facelift and it is undoubtedly going to increase the value of your house by almost 10%to 20%.

Moreover, you can buy stainless steel appliances, add energy-efficient bulbs, and even paint the whole kitchen interior. But it all depends on how much money these efforts are going to fetch you.

  • Wooden Deck

Decks are the first thing that buyers will see when they come to your house. And, if it is clean, new, and made of wood, it is surely going to fetch you more value.

Why people prefer Wooden decks instead of composite or plastic? Well, wooden decks look classic, don’t need to be cleaned again and again, and are long-lasting. At the same time, wooden decks are costly. So, if people can get them in a house that they want to buy, they will say ‘why not!’

According to expert evaluations, having wooden decks in a house can fetch one as much as a 10% increase in the house value.

  • Bathroom

The bathroom follows the same rule – doing more doesn’t equate to getting more. So, when you are trying to remodel your bathroom, make sure you only fix the things that need fixing. Such as, fix the sinks, or replace them with better ones, change the counters, and add energy-efficient bulbs.

You can also polish the tiles or get new tiles replaced (remember that the second one is much more expensive than you think). On average, renovated bathrooms can add around 5% more value to your house.

A few more things that you can add to the bathroom include widening doorways to make it accessible with wheelchairs, adding a walk-in shower area, and lowering the light switches.

However, you need to decide these changes by checking the population trend in your area. If there are more old people i.e., people aged 60 and above, adding wheelchair modification will help. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money and won’t equate to actual dollar value.

  • Energy Efficient Windows, Bulbs, and Solar Panels

If you have some extra cash at hand, it is always better to replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones. Efficient energy appliances enhance the environment and save you money in the long-term.

Similarly, solar panels are another critical area to look for. These not only enhance the value of the house but also guarantee almost unlimited energy at all times of the day. Most real estate brokers say that solar-powered energy-efficient houses sell for almost 50% more than the price of the regular ones.

  • Renovating Rooms, Floors. & Roof

Room renovations can depend on your house’s interior. Before going for rooms, focus on the living and drawing rooms. Because these are two areas that will become more prominent to your visitors.

And, since someone buying your house will have the same thinking as yours, they are more likely to give special attention to these areas. You can remodel your living room by creating a special place for the TV set, adding furnished cupboards, and luxury furniture.

House furniture is always expensive, so make a note of what changes you need to make. All your changes will not translate to an immediate increase in selling price, therefore choose wisely.

Once you are done with rooms, it is time to repaint or replace the roof of your house. In Dallas, roof remodeling can easily double the value of the property. You can get better estimates about how much roof remodeling can earn you by contacting commercial roofing contractors in Dallas Tx.

  • Garage Door

An often neglected area of the house is its garage. Sellers don’t always pay attention to garage doors because what are they for except parking cars, right? Wrong!

Garage doors can make or break your deals. Garage doors are usually the first thing that buyers notice. Think about it. There are two garage doors. One is recently painted, looks attractive with stone veneer. The second one is a simple, little rusty garage door with a brick exterior.

Which of the two will look more appealing to the buyer? The newly painted one. Guess what? You didn’t even spend a lot of money on that new garage door. Still, it is fetching you almost 20% more value of your house. That’s how it always works in real estate. If you can make specific changes that fetch extra money, then that is the best you can do.

  • Paint Job

Finally, go for a paint job at least if you can’t go for a complete renovation. People are always looking to buy a house that is newly painted. A 1,000 square foot house can cost around $5,000 for a decent paint job. But you can easily sell it for at least $20,000 more value because it looks as good as new.

This means you will be getting $3 more for every dollar you spent on the paint job.

Partying thoughts

When looking to sell your house, think about all the areas that can increase its face value. Because this is the only way, you can get more value for the money.

Most people have made it their full-time profession to remodel the house and sell. That’s how they make a living. If you are good at it, why not get into this profession yourself?

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