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Louisiana is a plantation country. Tourists know about it and always try to catch the moment and spend much time outdoors. There are many places where you feel like you have traveled through time! Rolls Royce car rental in Baton Rouge will help you to feel more comfortable when crossing the state. Your visit would not be complete without visiting Capitols, museums, art centers, and the River Road. Looking for a place to stay, you can forget about traditional hotels and try to hire a plantations house. Some of them are done in Gothic style, others are a unique combination of French and West-Indian cultures. Nevertheless, they all are reputable.

By the way, this is your chance to discover how people lived and what preferences they had. Many of the old plantations are the most photographed places. If you are the adventure traveler you should take this unique experience.




  1. Farm Cottage

Price: $100 – $140

This is a not big cottage with two bedrooms. Also, the house traditionally organized with a small bathroom, kitchen, and a living room where you can take your guests and gather together for playing board games, watching films, and enjoying your leisure time indoors. It would never be a problem to take pets with you. Of course, you should cook for your family. The kitchen is ready for that! There is a stove, and some food in the fridge. By the way, the farm house is situated not far from the legendary Oak Alley between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. This is a comfortable place to stay for long and be in charge of your time.

Houmas House Restaurant


  1. LeJeune Farm House

Price: $120 – $150

This small cottage is the brightest sample of Creole style. It is situated in the park, a short walk from the city restaurant. You have two cozy rooms, well-organized kitchen, and a living room. The house terrace will impress you the most.

  1. Green House

Price: $150

This comfortable farm is done in the country-style, made of cypress boarding. This style was popular in the South of Louisiana many years ago. The rooms are filled with antique furniture and interior items. The old environment was renewed but no modernized. There is a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen, equipped with a big stove and a fridge. You may have dinner on the veranda.

1820 Creole Louisiana a6


  1. Milbank Farm

Price: $120 – $150

This farm is rather big. There are two bedrooms, 2 private baths, five-room suite, equipped kitchen. Nevertheless, if you are not good at cooking, you can ask for plantation breakfast. There is a private parking and reception. You can be advices about family tours and excursions.

  1. Oak Alley Plantation

Price: $170 – $350

Do you want to remember your stay for long? Here, in Louisiana, the Oak Alley Plantation is the best place for that. The cottage is really huge with a separate dining room, reception, and a private bathroom for each suite. The breakfast is included. Don’t worry about your privacy. There is enough space for all guests. Living here you feel like you traveled back to past in early 1800th. The house looks exactly the same as from the Mark Twain’s novels. There is a Gift Shop in case you want to buy a souvenir.

Oak Alley Plantation


  1. Old Centenary Inn

Price: $100 – $150

This mini hotel offers you to escape from the modern life and go back to the past. The hotel atmosphere all together with the antique furniture, white columns at the facade speaks about its historical past. You are offered a glass of wine on the veranda or lunch with your family in the courtyard. Don’t worry, the civilization is near hear. Go out of the house and you can see shops and restaurants next to the park.

  1. Pourciau Farm

Price: $130 – $170

This house was built in early 1900th. This is a right place to relax with the book on the house terrace. The house consists of a bedroom, bathroom, and a small kitchen with rattan furniture and textile covers. If you don’t like cooking, you can order some food from the restaurant.

Oak Alley Bedroom 6


  1. St. Gemme de Beauvais Cottage

Price: $100 – $150

This house is made in Early Colonial style. This is a popular place for tourists to stay because it is situated about 30 minutes driving from the city airport. The hotel territory is huge and beautiful. The house is surrounded with a big park and a beautiful pond. There is always much to do here. You can have a walk around the park, go fishing or boating, and watching birds.

Traveling through Louisiana you should pick one of the hotels listed below and try to live there for some time. It is much better than staying in a typical American hotel. You can’t feel the city atmosphere then and never learn people’s references and way of life. The prices differ depending on the house location and historical value.

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