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How Does Digital Presence Help Businesses to Expand Without Physical Relocation

The application of COVID has introduced new dynamics to the eCommerce industry. From one horizon to another, it uplifted businesses all around the world. With the growing interest of merchants to introduce their all sized business on the internet, the eCommerce market is saturating. 

With the internet in the air and mobile phones in your pockets, there is no need of relocating your physical store to other areas of the country. Mobile phones have become eCommerce stores these days. 

The Internet enables you to be digitally available everywhere. So, invest in building up your digital presence rather than investing in a physical relocation and expansion of your business. The Internet offers you multiple ways to expand your business digitally. Before moving towards the strategies, let us talk about the types of audiences for a better understanding of our targets. 

Types of Audiences

To reach a greater audience for the digital expansion of your business, you will have to focus on these three types of audience for greater traffic:

  • People who have already shopped with you before. Keep them engaged with emails, content marketing and social media.
  • People who want to shop your product. Offer them first-time discounts and promotions like that. 
  • People who would buy your product if they knew about it. Blogging, SEO and audience targeting will help you bring such customers. 

Marketing Tactics

Let us look at the tactics you can use to drive traffic to your online store. Let your old customers keep coming. Let your visitors become your new customers. 

Expand your Email List

You must have the contact numbers and emails of your customers if you run a physical store. Collect emails from your customers, prospective customers and the people who are interested in your events. You can announce the launch of your website through social media and use email strategies. 

You can offer promotions, referral discounts, and encourage customers to share your online store with those who are on your email list. You can also use pop-up boxes to prompt visitors to enter their email in return for a promotion, like 10% off their first purchase or free shipping. 

You must keep your customers and prospective customers informed about the promotions, new content, new services and other news. It will help you build a considerable audience. 

Social Media Presence

Social Media presence is the easiest and effective way to boost up your digital engagement. Invest in creating visuals, content and engaging videos. Either it is time or money, you need to invest. Vibrant images and engaging videos compel the audience. Engage your customers in your posts, it will help you build brand awareness in your customers and followers. 

Your social media presence requires some effort. Be smart as you do not have to be everywhere. You need to perform on those channels that are appropriate for your targeted audience. 

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp for business provide you with enough options to increase your audience and maximise your sales. 

Compelling Content

The picture may be worth a thousand words. But, words deliver an enchanting experience on the people. Be creative with the words and content you feature on your online store. Even a misspelt word will hush your audience away from your store. From user guides, product descriptions to captions, each content must be grammatically correct, coherent and compelling. 

If you are running an online store through a website, then your content and product will need SEO to be ranked higher in the search bar. It will help you reach the audience across the continents. 


By investing in the advertisements, you are in a better position to achieve considerable organic traffic. With the increase in organic traffic, your sales will also increase. For advertisement, you need to select the billboard you want to advertise at. 

    • Google Ads enables you to bid on keywords so that you can rank your services on top of the search bar. Google displays its ads on top of the search results. 
    • Social media advertising depends on the audience you want to target. If the targeted audience spends more time on Facebook than Instagram, you will need to advertise it on Facebook or vice versa. 
  • Influencer marketing can bring huge success to your business. Influencers have great audiences and followers idealise them. Working with an influencer will make them write a post for your product on social media. They are very much effective in outstretching a huge number of potential customers. 
  • Collaboration with other brands of similar audiences will increase your brand awareness to a fresh but relevant audience. For example, if you sell laptops, a relevant partnership could be a brand focused on video games. 

Start with a small photo in the ad and a compelling caption. Engaging imagery of your product will engage more people. 

Before I leave

The world is more digital than it is physical. Certainly, a paradox that cannot be resisted. In this world of digital stores with physical products, you can outstretch your business to every corner of the world without relocating it. Take a chance and make great sales. 

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