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Cast Iron is a durable material. The pipes made out of it have a prolonged life, roughly around 80 to 100 years. At times, this lifespan cuts short due to factors like tree roots mingling up with the pipes, blocking the drainage.

If your house was built in the 60s or 70s, chances are, the drain pipes will give up soon. It is getting closer to expiry, and you will be facing serious troubles. There is no getting out of it until you decide that replacement is the only option.

Why Cast Iron Again?

At this point, it is plausible to think if you can find a better material than the cast iron. After all, why not leave fewer problems for your offspring (or the next occupants of the house). Right? But sadly, it won’t be a wise move on your part. Because:

  • Cast Iron has a long life (it lasts for a decade!)
  • Cast Iron plumbing can withstand heavy loads
  • Cast Iron is durable
  • Cast Iron blocks the sewage sound very well
  • Plastic pipes are not available as yet

Replacement Costs

Of course, this process is going to be a bit heavy on your pocket as we are talking about replacing the underground pipe web. Plus, there are other costs like cutting, replacing the concrete, and mending damaged flooring. You must hire a professional to execute the job.



You will have to pay around $200 to $15000 for the replacement of the pipes. The materials, size of the project, and labor involved will determine the total cost. In some cases, plumbers recommend small fixtures instead of a full replacement.

Read on to know all about the replacement charges.

New Drain Pipe Cost (per linear foot)

The price of the new pipe will range somewhere between $0.5 to $20 per foot. And the plumbers mark up these prices by 25% to 50%. It raises the material price range, making it fall between $0.75 to $30 per foot. Later, they add labor charges on it.

Drain Pipe Replacement Under the House

As mentioned, the cost of the replacement depends on the trenching, removal of existing pipes, and the size of required pipes. Replacing drain pipes under house can cost between $3000 to $6000. To detect the type of repair or replacement, ask your plumbers to use sewer line camera. They will charge you extra for that, but the results are accurate, so spending over it carries worth.

Pipe Bursting Costs

When the plumber reports that the pipe no longer has the structural integrity to hold it together, you can opt for pipe-bursting. It is a trenchless method where they pull out the old pipe and replace it with a brand, new, cast iron pipe. This will cost you around $145 to $195 per foot.

Drain Pipe Replacement in Basement

On average, replacing a sewer line in the basement will cost you around $60 to $200 per foot. This will make the full replacement to reach $7000 to $20,000.

Just like the external replacement requires excavation and trenches, the basement pipe replacements need the same. Before you agree upon the final costs and sign the agreement, ask the plumbing company to detect all leaks in the system. Ask them about the number of repair points.

Also, once done, ask your expert to carry out a hydrostatic pressure test.

Waste Pipe Replacement

The average cost for it is $600. However, bear in mind, the average cost of replacement will go up if the pipe is closer to a shower or bathtub. The plumbers will need to drill through the tub or remove the shower enclosure to reach down to the pipes. In that case, you will have to pay the charges for installing the new tub or repositioning the shower enclosure.

Cast Iron Pipe Repairs in the Yard

Do you ever notice a lush green patch right in the middle of a dry lawn or backyard? If yes, it is a matter of concern because there is a leaky sewer pipe underneath. Plants love the yucky sewer leaks, and they’ll grow wherever it is in abundance.

Replacing the cast iron pipes in the yard will cost about $2600. The pipes sit many feet under the ground, so digging and detection are going to take longer over here. When replacing the pipes in your yard, get ready for coming across around half a dozen dead rodents and serious clogs.

Wrapping Up

The gist of the matter is, if you are having trouble with pipes under your house, do not keep this task for a later date. You should take instant action if you want to save some bucks. The more the delay, the larger the hole in your pocket.

If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch!

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