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How to Best Wear A Polo With Jeans

The Best Ways to Wear a Polo with Jeans

Polo shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can have, and there are many ways to wear them. One of the best combinations, however, is to pair your polo shirt with a nice pair of jeans. This dressed up casual look can be great for any occasion and keep you feeling both stylish and comfortable. This article will tell you the most dapper ways to pair your polo shirt with jeans.

Different Colored Jeans

Blue is the standard color for jeans, but there are many colors available that can help you spice up your outfit and coordinate your look with a polo shirt. Dark wash blue jeans are best if you want a professional look in the default color, but red, green, or black jeans are great alternatives in a semi-formal outfit. Make sure you remain conscious of good color pairings when selecting which polo shirt to wear with your jeans.

Wear a Professional Jean Cut

If you want to look professional wearing jeans, it’s important that you pick a cut that looks mature and work friendly. Skinny jeans or bell bottoms are not likely to give a professional feel to your look, whereas a simple straight leg or bootcut style jean can look much more appropriate in a work or formal activity setting. Make sure you are always considering the cut of your jeans when matching a collared shirt like a polo. 

Long or Short Sleeves

Polos come in many varieties, including long or short sleeved options. In a professional setting, long sleeves are typically most appropriate, but short sleeves can also be acceptable depending on the occasion. Either option will look good with jeans, but you may want to consider leaning to the formal side with your shirt if wearing a more casual pant like jeans.

Tucked Into Your Jeans

It may seem counterintuitive to tuck a dressier shirt into jeans, but tucking a polo shirt in can give you just a small boost to the formality of your ensemble, even if your pants are on the casual side as well. For a professional or more formal occasion, tucking your shirt into your pants is always appropriate and will keep you looking trim and tidy. 

Jeans and a Polo Shirt Great Combination

There are so many ways to rock a good polo shirt with jeans to look both stylish and comfortable. For casual activities, workday wear, or semi-formal occasions, this outfit combination can be a great fit. Keep our tips in mind and use your creativity to find color combinations and make your own great style choices.


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