Although cold emails already comprise a very fundamental part of Digital Marketing at a global level, it is also necessary to know how they must be structured to be a satisfactory work tool.

In such a way that the ideal way for it to be applied is to have, mainly, a service or product to be offered to the public, thus showing what is necessary to catapult potential customers.


What is needed for a Cold Email

The first thing to consider is the way in which we are going to address our goals. For example, cold emails are an excellent tool that requires ambition to be applied. So here we leave you how you should do them:


Step: 1 – Study your goals

It is not bad that you took a little tour of your social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and even within the Telegram communities, and obtained some potential clients for what you are going to offer. Learn more about them, and go reducing the large number of potential customers (you got), for a more closed and concrete. Example:

“You will sell courses on video game programming”, it is necessary that your objective is the gamers, since they will be more interested in acquiring your services.


Step: 2 – The Issue

The “Subject”, the subjects in the emails often do not matter, but it is precisely here where the error lies, in believing that they do not. Subject, in the case of cold emails, is the first arrowhead to capture customer attention. If you put an inconspicuous subject such as “Job Proposal”, “Make money in 3 steps”, “Increase your sales”, they will be very generic, and therefore, it will be taken as a SPAM for your potential clients.


Step: 3 – Show who you are and how you are

After having achieved a perfect Subject, it is time to carry out the identification, which is always good to address your experience, a little about yourself, what you offer, and how your product or service will help your client. Be empathetic, speak as if it were your own pocket, and why you need what they offer you, use your gifts so that, in just a couple of lines, you demonstrate your idea and your intentions.


Step: 4 – What is your purpose

You need to indicate where you are coming from, being clear, but also not impolite, offering a product or service in a healthy way, and how you would like them to do it with you. Make your potential customers feel like the only ones, and give them the reason to believe they are.

Not all clients are the same, some need more care and attention than others.


Step: 5 – Establish contact

Once having all the previous steps, it is time to obtain those results from the cold emails, it is necessary that you establish the contact, and make or close the sale. If you need more information you can visit, it can help you tremendously.



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