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When looking forward to a vacation on this Island on the Gulf, booking a condo is one of the essentials things to do. Luckily, it is now possible to book one but without putting your safety at risk. Summer amid COVID-19 is like no other and many things have changed. You can head to Fort Myers Beach to have a great time but under restrictions. To enjoy summer days here, here are ways to enjoy your stay safely. 

Here’s a catch

Before diving into the things to help you enjoy a safe Fort Myers Beach vacation amid the pandemic, you have to remember that the virus is amongst us. It doesn’t take a vacation. So, you have to understand your role to keep you and others safe. Besides, you have to adhere to safety protocols in place wherever you go. There are for the good of everyone. Remember we are in this together. With that in mind, now you can check out the things you should consider having an enjoyable and safe stay at Fort Myers beach.  

Shop for supplies before packing

Currently, there’s limited capacity in grocery stores across the country. Although most people are hoarding for essentials, demand is high for summer goods too. Just like you’ve been shopping online for basic commodities, shop some items for your summer vacation online too. This will save you from the long lines when you visit the nearby store. Shopping online saves waiting time at the store and ensures that you arrive in Fort Myers Beach ready to enjoy every minute.  

Come with extra supplies 

To book condo rentals Fort Myers Beach is the first thing to do when planning your vacation. This ensures that you have a place to stay on your arrival. Property managers ensure to sanitize the place according to safety guidelines before your arrival. There is a chance of leaving some extra cleaning and disinfecting materials for clients to use throughout their stay. However, coming with some personal protective items like hand sanitizers is a safety gesture. 

Bring some entertainment 

We are living in unprecedented times. Consider coming with some form of entertainment on your vacation. This is because most events including the 4th of July Fireworks 2020 canceled and cinemas or theaters closed. Bring along some puzzles, board games, books, and playing cards to keep yourself busy. A projector is also a wonderful item to create your own cinema in the condo. When traveling with family, don’t forget to carry relevant entertainment for everyone. 

Expect limited menus and delays

Restaurants at Fort Myers Beach are doing their best to serve customers amid difficult times. These have to operate according to safety guidelines including maintaining social distancing. This requires hosting fewer clients than usual and offering delivery to customer locations. With few customers, expect limited menus and delays on orders for some items. You have to be patient, understanding, and informed as the business owners are doing their best to serve you. 

A mask is now part of your attire

At the beach, signs with “No shirt, no shoes, no business” are everywhere. Today, it is obvious to add your mask to the list. You might be denied entry anywhere if you forget to wear your mask. This is a recommended measure to curb the spread of coronavirus when out in the public. You also have to keep your mask on when hiking, at the store, biking, or other outdoor areas. 

Opt for other outdoor activities apart from the beach

Going to the beach is a wonderful vacation activity but not amid a pandemic. To maintain social distancing, there is limited access to the beach. So, consider other outdoor activities to enjoy every moment at Fort Myers Beach. Every place is supposed to host at half capacity and sharing of beach paraphernalia is a high-risk habit. Luckily, you can indulge in other activities that don’t expose you to coronavirus including:

  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Standup paddleboarding
  • Nature and wildlife tour
  • Parasailing 
  • Beach buddy tour 

Order your meals in

Although it is safe to eat out, be mindful that restaurants are hosting at half capacity. This is to maintain social distancing to curb the spread of coronavirus. Luckily, you can order your meals to avoid the hustle. Reputable business owners now offer delivery at no cost to stay afloat. Apart from protecting you from venturing out in public, you get to enjoy the convenience of ordering your favorite meals in a place of your convenience. 

Protect those around you

The last consideration for a safe vacation at Fort Myers Beach is to be considerate of people around you. Everyone has been housebound long enough and some people have short tempers. For a peaceful summer, always be present and at the moment. This requires understanding and complying with safety guidelines whenever you go. 


The world has had enough of the negative consequences of the pandemic. However, you can still smile while enjoying a sun-soaked moment at Fort Myers Beach with easy executive transportation. All it takes is booking a condo rental and understanding safety guidelines in place to curb coronavirus. 

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