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Don’t you just hate it when you see something that you really like, but when you go to try it out, you find that it does not fit you like you had hoped it would? The trends in the fashion industry change pretty quick and every so often you find out that there is something new on the horizon. Obviously, since you are a true fashion enthusiast, you have to follow the trend, but how to find out if it is right for you? How can you make sure that you always look your best? The problem becomes more and more complicated as the world turns digital. Now you have online shopping. You go to a website, you like something; you click on the buy button and have it delivered to your home. The shock comes when it is finally delivered and you can’t wait to flaunt yourself wearing it but when you try it, the same problem comes up. For example, you want to purchase a top for an event and you find the perfect little thing at realisation clothing. But when it comes, the aforementioned issue arises. Now you have to return it or have it replaced with something else. That means that you have to continue your search for the perfect dress.

However, if you knew your body shape, you can easily know if something is going to look great on you or not. Here we have listed down the major body types and how you should dress.

The Pear Shape

We agree that the comparison is not apt. that is why some people call it the triangle shape instead of the pear shape. You have narrow shoulders and a curvy waist and hops. This means that you can rock almost every type of jeans that you can. Also, don’t be frightened to pair your jeans with a dainty top.

Tops for Pear Shapes

As far as pear shapes are concerned, you own the world of tops. Wear bold and exuberant colors and patterns. You can even try pattern mixing if you have a mind for it. The best tops for you are:

  • Low V-necks available in any type of silhouette
  • High, loose-fitting collar
  • Butterfly-sleeves or bell/flare sleeves
  • Lower than usual neckline like a scoop

Wear tops that are form-fitting and structured or the ones that cinch at your waist so that you can divert the attention towards your narrow waist.

Jackets for Pear Shapes

The way your jacket looks on you depends on where the hem ends. Go for A-line cuts or you could also get princess cuts. Wear jackets that come down to your waist or any other outer layer that reaches mid-thigh.

Dresses for the Pear Shape

Fortunately, you have the pick of the litter in this department. Whether you want to go for an embellished neckline or a dropped neckline, open backs, flaring sleeves, or a belted style, it is all right there for you. Choosing A line is a great option whether we talk about dresses or skirts.

The Hourglass Shape

You are probably the envy of every woman who sets eyes on you. In the olden days, women actually used to wear corsets to have an hourglass figure, and you have it without doing anything crazy. The world is your oyster. You can flaunt any of the features that you want.

Tops for Hour Glass Shapes

There is generally a single rule when it comes to tops. Fitted. If you follow this one rule, you can easily flaunt your waist and your neckline. The major tops that you can rock are:

  • Jersey knits that fit you like a glove
  • Silhouette Wrap blouses and tops
  • Peplum tops
  • Tops that are tailor-made for you that have room in the chest
  • Anything with a V-neck. Or you can go for a round neck or even opt for a boat neck.

Since you already have curves that are in the proper balance, you don’t need to do too much to grab attention. As long as you keep them fitted, you can wear almost anything that you want including your favorite t-shirt or a simple button-up work blouse.

Dresses for the Hourglass Shape

You were made to wear dresses. The best dresses are the silhouettes like the fit and flare or go for the wrap dress. These will help you highlight your best features. We always say that if you have it then flaunt it. Do not just stick to these two styles; you can also go for an empire silhouette if that’s what you want. They naturally bring all the attention to your waist.

The Apple Shape

The apple shape is sometimes also called the inverted triangle shape. You can dress up in the proper way to ensure that your favorite feature gets all the attention. Your shoulders are wider than your hips and you carry a little in your midsection. Do not worry if you think you can’t find anything out there that properly fits you; something that feels right. That is what we are here to tell you. You can highlight or conceal any feature that you want.

Tops For Apple and Inverted Triangle Figures

Here is what you can wear up top to look totally amazing:

  • Flowing A-line silhouettes
  • Breezy and short-sleeved tunics
  • Button-down boyfriend shirts
  • Anything with a V-neck

Choose heavy fabric so that it can give your tops the proper fall and shape. This will ensure that your entire look is streamlined from your bust to your hips. Focus on fabrics like silk, linen, tweed, and cotton.

Dresses For The Apple Shape

The strapless style is your go-to style for dresses. You can also opt for a maxi style with a low neckline. If you want something else that is flattering, you can opt for a wrap dress. If you think your legs are your best feature then go for a mini dress. You can also go for a knee-length style too. A-line dresses are great for apple-shaped bodies so those are a must for you. If you want to have a slimming effect then diagonal stripes and dark colors are for you.

The Athletic Shape

If you are an athlete or if you have a boyish structure then you have a strong figure that usually does not have a lot of curves. Do not take it the wrong way. This means that you can have a lot of fun dressing yourself up and looking amazing. It means that you can flatter or conceal any feature that you want. It is all up to you.

Tops For Athletic or Rectangle Shapes

The tops that work for you are those that draw attention towards your narrow waist and your defined shoulders as well as your muscular arms. Go for:

  • Halter styles
  • Racer back styles
  • Scoop & round necklines
  • Anything that is strapless

Dresses for the Athletic or Rectangle Shapes

Like we said earlier, most dresses work for you so have at it. It all depends on the feature that you want to highlight.


Knowing yourself is half the battle. The rest is easy. So make sure that you know what category your body shape falls into and then have a blast shopping for it.


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