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Birthday is an occasion when people are more excited and emotional than another occasion as it a source of reliving the day you came into being. Around the globe, birthdays are celebrated with different ideas like game themes, costume themes, etc but the most important thing where people get stuck and are not able to resolve is, what is the best-suited gift for the person. Even people find it very difficult to get the gift wrapped. If you are stuck on how to pack your gift then mrgiftwrap gift boxes are a solution to your problem and if you are stuck in deciding the gift, we have a list of most relevant gift items that are unique and innovative. Following are some of the options we would like to suggest:

Birthday Gifts For Women:

  1. Personalized LED Bottle: Decorating your house with glass bottles has always been very romantic for women. If you are planning to present a gift to your loved ones, decoration pieces like glass bottles can be considered as an option. If your loved are fond of soft lights, LED bottles are available in the market with an additional option of customization. Decorating your room with a personalized LED bottle will be a source of increase bond.
  2. Photo Frame with a Best Available Picture: Pictures have always been the aspect people look upon to relive their innocent memories. People, more often women click pictures and save them to create amazing journeys with their soul mates. When it is time to select the birthday gift for a lady, it is high time to go for selecting a photo frame presenting it with the best available picture to create an emotional bond.
  3. Designer Dress with A Pair Of Heels: Every girl dresses up to look beautiful. If you are planning to decide a gift for a lady, a designer dress with a pair of matching heels can be the option to gift. All you need to do is, identify the favorite designer the lady likes and get her a designer dress on her birthday to make her feel special and unique among others. This will not only help you to strengthen your bond but will also help you to know the taste of the lady.
  4. Branded Handbag: Handbags have always been in demand for a lady who loves to travel and hang out with friends and family. When it comes to moving out of the house, beside the dress, women are more concerned about their handbags. Getting your girl a branded handbag is an option when you are stuck up and are not able to decide what to gift.

Birthday Gifts for Men:

  1. Exclusive Shaving Kit: No one likes a man with an unorganized shave. People are found to request their friends to organize their shave to look good. If you want your loved one to look good, one of the best options to gift is an exclusive shaving kit that can help them to maintain their shave and become more presentable than usual.
  2. Leather Diary with A Pen: An office employee is usually found with a diary and a pen to take notes from the boss and note their day plans. If you want your man to be more vigilant about their activities, gift them a set of leather diary with a pen. This will not help them to be more productive, it will also help them to understand that you are more caring for their performance and growth.
  3. Beer Mug with A Name: After a long tiring day, usually the man is found to look for a smoke or a mug of chilled beer. Gifting them a set of customized beer mug will help them to enjoy their beer with you rather than their usual mates. It will strongly affect your relationship with them as they will be able to spend more time with you than usual.
  4. Pack of Broad Tie and Cufflink: A formally dressed man attracts more people than a person in casual wear. Your man is more likely to love a gift that helps them to become more presentable. Gifts like broad tie and cufflink have been observed to be the best option to wear when a man plans to dress up nicely. This gift can be used on multiple occasions like formal parties, weddings, and corporate meetings.

Birthday Gifts for Kids:

  1. Cartoon Print Ceramic Mug: For a normal child’s growth 2 cups of milk are necessary for them but unfortunately children are found to resist drinking milk. If you want them not to resist and stay healthy, gift them a cartoon printed ceramic mug. Acceptance to milk is increased when children find it associated with their favorite cartoon character.
  2. Personalized Smiley Pillow: Sleep is a natural process but managing your sleep timing is an intentional process. Researchers claim that a normal child should sleep for at least 10 to 12 hours a day and another research claims that children resist sleeping. Giving a gift of the personalized smiley pillow with the help you to reduce this resistance and will help the child to maintain their health wisely.
  3. Alpha Numeric Board Game: Children are more likely to accept gifts that are different and unique. Nowadays, everyone is found to gift children with sports kits and other physical games like cricket bats and tennis rackets but when you plan to gift a board game to a child, it is more likely to be accepted with a warm heart as it is unique and children like to play with new and unique things.
  4. Cute Pencil Box: One of the most common things children like about their school material is their pencil box. Numerous types of pencil boxes are available in the market that can be given to children on their birthdays but the best option is to give a pencil box that has geometry tools with it. This gift will be a productive gift for a child as he will get to know the applications of those geometry tools and your gift will help that child to grow.


Happiness is an emotion people like to share with others and birthday is the world’s most celebrated occasion where people share happiness and exchange gifts in the form of presents and goodies bags. When you decide what to give as a present, the wrapping of the gift is the first thing that is looked at and liked even before the gift has been opened to use. Good packaging of the gift helps you to develop a perception that the gift is equally good as the gift wrapping. If you are invited to a birthday party, do not hesitate to ask for an opinion, as opinion helps to identify taste and preference.



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