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Have you ever thought that when you meet someone what the first thing he or she notices about you is?  Many researchers have proved that by looking at the shoes of someone, people judge his or her personality. Since shoes are considered as the first impression of a person, therefore, people are very conscious about buying them.

There is a huge variety of footwear for women, but there are also some brands like Birkenstocks, which also have great designs, colors, and materials available for men.

In research on human personality, a number of people participated. Each of them was shown pictures of different footwear, and then they were asked a few questions related to the personality, political interest, and status of the person wearing those shoes. Shockingly, 90% of the answers were correct. This proves that footwear does have a great impact on personality.

Now the provocative question clicking in your mind must be what impression does footwear give about your personality? Therefore, in this article, you will get your answer because I am about to tell you interesting facts about the “impact of footwear on your personality”.

The following are some of the footwear and impression they create about your personality.

What does a woman’s footwear say about her personality?

  • Running shoes

When you wear running shoes in routine life, it expresses your goal-oriented personality. Usually, sports or running shoe lovers are strong, confident and have challenging behavior. They like to cross every obstacle in life, no matter how much hard work is required.

They are fitness freaks who like to keep themselves active and healthy. They can do multitasking with great perfection.

  • Sneakers

If you are a sneakers buff, then you must have a happy go lucky personality. You can easily indulge and become friends with all age groups because sometimes, you are an old school person, other than that you have a child’s heart.  Wearing sneakers shows that you are not one of those who likes to attract others; rather, you are happy in your own comfort zone.

This footwear choice also gives an impression of hardworking and taking care of everything nature. You are not scared of responsibilities; instead; you fulfill them with full dedication. You are a workaholic, independent woman who gets rest only when she sleeps.

  • Workboots

The workboots wearers are always thinking two-three steps forward from the rest of the women. They are grounded, organized and have a very practical approach towards life. They do not perform activities randomly; rather, they do great planning to save herself from facing failures.

If you live an impulsive life, you are only living in the present and have no idea about future obstacles you will face. To deal with every situation in life, wise planning and execution of that plan are very important.

  • High heeled boots

If you are a high heeled boot admirer than you can easily turn the tables in your favor. No matter how bad the situation is your skills, knowledge and decision-making capabilities can handle them wisely. At times, you might sound a little bossy to many people, but when the tasks are completed with perfection, everyone appreciates you for taking the responsibilities on your shoulders.

  • Flip-flop

You might have easily guessed this one since flip-flop footwear is the indicator of comfort and laziness. When you wear them in routine life, this indicates that you are not a fancy thing lover rather you admire simplicity.

You do not care about materialistic things and have no interest to become braggadocio. All you care about is to enjoy your freedom and comfort-zone. You don’t like to bind yourself with the expectations of other people.

  • Stilettos

When a woman wears fancy high-heeled stilettos, people get a general perception that she may have a materialistic approach. In reality, it is not what people think. A woman in elegant stilettos is an expression of hard work, passionate and goal-oriented. She wants to work hard and treat herself with the best things.

Doing hard work does not mean, a woman should stop taking care of herself. Instead, when you look good, feel good, you will get more motivated for higher goals. You know how to keep a balance between professional and personal life.

  • Pumps

A boss woman is an absolute title, which a pump admirer deserves. You like to keep things under your control and make sure that the work is done on time. The people trust you blindly when it comes to tasks because of your excellence. You have great leadership capabilities.

You like to keep your words because commitments are a do or die thing for you. Due to your rebel, competitive, and straightforward attitude, you are considered quite intimidating to the people who are unable to keep up your pace.

  • Flats

Wearing flats proves your love for simplicity. You are hardworking, but you do not work for recognition or credits; rather, you work for self-satisfaction. You are the person who works behind the scenes and plays her part well. You are ready to do all kinds of work without any complaints.

Sometimes your simplicity, sweetness, and innocence become a drawback when people try to take advantage of you. You are appreciated by everyone for your kind and generous nature.

  • High Heeled sandals

There are different types of high heel sandals, but the general perception about women wearing them is confident, elegant, glamorous and rebellious. It is very hard for people to resist your attractive personality with those hot pair of high heels. You are a fearless and passionate woman.

  • Platforms

Platform heels are a trending thing on social media, so if you are a person who spends lots of time on Facebook and Instagram, then you must get a new platform pair. These give you an impact of strong decision-maker, self-accrued and a perfectionist woman.

When you have work on your shoulders, people stay calm and relaxed because they know you are a responsible and trustworthy person.

  • Kitten heels

Kitten heels tell about your classic and old school taste. You like to keep things in moderation, just like your shoe heels. You are not a funky fashion lover, rather elegance, simplicity, and vintage is your style.

You are not a party animal; instead, you like to stay at house, cook, eat, enjoy music and relish sips of coffee in your comfy blanket. You have an artistic soul that makes you different from others.

  • Ankle boots

Ankle boots give an aggressive, confident and rebellious impression, but the fun part is that people often find it attractive and hot. Therefore, if you want to steal the show without being a sweet eye candle, then you must keep wearing these booties.

  • Funky shoes

People mostly wear these shoes occasionally or if they are related to the fashion or beauty industry. The funky shoes give you a unique look. People are incapable of taking eyes-off from you. You don’t care about the people because you have a creative world of your own. You are not afraid to express yourself, which is your best quality.

  • Expensive footwear

Highly expensive footwear are luxuries that everyone cannot afford. No woman can feel less than a queen in an extravagant pair of shoes. Wherever you go, your eye-catchy shoes become the center of attraction. However, these types of shoes are mostly affordable by royal families, business tycoons, and celebrities.

  • Shabby footwear

Shabby footwear includes sneakers, flip-flap or any casual footwear. This footwear gives you a liberal touch. You always do what you want and don’t want to change your mindset. People like you or not, you don’t have enough time to think about it.

  • Sparkling new shoes

Do you know that sparkling new shoes are a sign of anxiety? It might be astonishing, but it is a fact that women who have appearance-related anxiety issues, often deal with it by wearing a new pair of shoes.

  • Uncomfortable footwear

Comfort is the most important quality of a shoe pair. So, when people wear uncomfortable high-heeled unique Lady Gaga alike shoes, they are considered as a calm person because they bear pain with a smiling face.

What does men’s footwear tell?

  • Formal shoes

Formal shoes give gentleman vibes, who respect others and in return expect the same.

  • Boots

These shoes give a man strong, goal-oriented, hardworking and masculine touch that everyone admires.

  • Sandals

It gives a very comfortable and relaxed impression of you. You don’t care about what people think; rather you want to enjoy your life on your own rules.

  • Comfy slippers

It might be a comfort level for you, but on a daily basis, if you are roaming in slippers, people will surely assume you as a lazy person.

  • Sportswear

Sportswear gives a fit, active and full of energy impact to a man.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, that footwear has a great impact on personality. People judge you on the basis of what you wear, but still, you should definitely wear nice footwear according to the occasions.

At the end of the day, you should always listen to your heart. Wear shoes according to your comfort and preference.


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