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Christmas is the time of year when your holiday spirit lights up. You give presents to friends and family and enjoy the day with full happiness. The most prominent thing about Christmas is the decorated tree. An empty Christmas tree acts as a canvas for a person to use their decorative creativity for holiday cheer. You have so many ways to decorate your Christmas tree. However, this makes the selection of decoration very difficult and deciding how to decorate.

Now is the time to switch from your traditional decorative style to use new DIY decorations. The red and green balls are more than done for now, and you need to give a fresh new look to your tree. You want something out of the box to give your tree the look of attraction and to make every eye set upon it. Christmas tree is the most important decoration that highlights your holiday spirit.

Decorating the tree is an ancient tradition, but you have new ideas to choose from. Many Christmas decorations in Australia can help you out in making your choice.

Alternatively, you can use DIY options that we will list below to create a tree full of holiday light.

Classic Elements

While we have emphasized that traditional decorations have grown old and outdated. However, with a little innovation and creativity, you can revive the classic look again with full bloom. Nothing beats a classic, and as such, you can use a vintage tree topper complete with small LED lights to give an elegant yet classic look. Use vintage ornaments with all-natural elements and break the cycle of traditional colors by adding new colors to the décor.

Christmas tree In an Iron Basket

Another innovative idea for Christmas decorations is to use the classic style tree decoration. But the twist here is that you will place the tree in an iron basket rather than a floor. Placing it in a wrought iron basket and surround it with burlap to reinforce it. This decorative idea will give a warm and cozy feeling to your tree and, in turn, your living rooms. This idea is innovative because you can still go all traditional with decoration. There is no need to go all out for outer decoration; all you need is a wrought iron basket and somewhere to place it.

 Floating Ornaments Christmas tree

This idea has the foundations if using traditional ornaments; however, the use of the tree is not present here. All you need to do here is hang the ornaments from the ceiling and spread them like a Christmas tree. You will not use an actual tree, but only the ornaments will look at a tree. Alternatively, you can make the same network of ornaments placed on top of a tree which will cover it. Use silver, green, or white ornaments, and their combination to look prominent. Hanging them to a ceiling will look like you have an actual tree present without the leaves.

Climbing Bear Decoration

This idea offers a unique creativity blend by enabling you to use classic decoration on the tree. Use the same ornaments and decorations that you use with a traditional Christmas tree. The addition to doing here is to use one or more stuffed teddy bears in a way that they seem to climb the tree. Use a Santa hat on those teddies and make them look like they want to reach the top. Depending on the size of your tree, you can use a large size teddy or multiple smaller ones. The choice is yours and how you feel it. This will give everyone something unique and cute to look at. You can take help from decoration experts that can give you tree the look as you require or use handmade ornaments for Christmas fun. Either way, the aim is to make your tree as beautiful as possible.

Get Lit

A Christmas tree looks empty without having a set of lights with it. While you can use classic lights, there are new innovative lighting styles available in the market today. Switching from traditional small yellow bulbs to mini halogen bulbs will give your tree an illuminated image with a brighter sense. Candles can give your tree a traditional and elegant look. But you have a serious fire hazard present if you are not careful enough. We recommend you to use candle lights instead of real candles to avoid fire issues. This will give your tree a look it deserves along with safety for you and your home. The best way to enjoy your tree decoration is to illuminate it as much as possible.

 Use Blue & White

While traditional colors for Christmas are red and green, you can shift the view from these colors to white and blue. The idea here is to keep the spirit of Christmas alive while showing the colors of the winter season. Blue and white are mostly associated with winter and snow, and Christmas comes in winter. See the connection here! This is how you can use the colors according to your style. Add the same colored table cloth and curtains to resonate with your tree decorations. Make sure all the ornaments used belong to the same color group.

Antique Candy Tins

Add a daily dose of nostalgia this holiday season by placing the tree in an old toy chest or a large candy tin. This gives your tree an antique look with a unique touch. Use small candy canes and tins as ornaments on your trees. Light those up with small led lights placed inside the tins. You can picture the tree with different tins hanging, giving a look that your guests will appreciate.

Card Decorations

This idea is unique in the sense that it does not include adding costly decorative wear. You can use the same traditional ornaments, but you have to add many greeting cards you have collected over the years. Your friends and family must have sent you greeting cards for many occasions, and they will have a sentimental value to it. Adding those to your Christmas tree decoration will rekindle those memories you and everyone had with you. Display your favorite cards by clipping them on the tree and showing everyone you appreciate them.


Decorating your Christmas tree is a must-to-do activity for the holiday that shows your spirit. However, you need an upgrade from traditional decorations to new innovative ideas. You can use the ideas as mentioned above as your passage to creativity. There are more ideas present based on how you think and create. Classic ornaments with an angel topper on a Fraser fir will look astonishing. Your classic look will give your tree the feel of a holiday in a new and improved way.

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