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Keeping up With The Quality Dream When Married

At a certain point during a marriage, it’s completely normal to start looking for bedroom advice. However, if you want to improve your relationship in the bedroom, the answer isn’t sexy lingerie or strange tips from Cosmo: it’s getting better sleep. Sharing a bed offers numerous benefits to humans, but varying sleep patterns can be a nightmare. Here are some top tips for improving things in the bedroom— and not in the way you’d think.

Benefits of Sleeping Together

Humans innately require a connection to feel safe and secure, and that becomes apparent through various studies about co-sleeping. Sleeping with a partner can increase endorphin levels, leading to better quality sleep. Many married couples find that they don’t sleep as well when their partner isn’t with them. 

Unfortunately, there are variables to consider. These effects only truly take hold if both parties are sleeping soundly. Tossing and turning, snoring, and different routines often disrupt the benefits of sharing a bed. Fortunately, there are numerous actions you and your partner can take to get back on the same page.

Identifying Varying Sleep Needs

First, start by communicating your sleeping needs. For example, one partner may need perfect darkness to sleep and feels disrupted when the light from a phone or the hallway shines on them. Others require music or extra pillows to feel well-rested and comfortable. 

Start by identifying what you need, then communicating what issues arise when sleeping with your partner. It could be their snoring or your multiple trips to the bathroom each night. Broach this subject carefully and with compassion— much of what we do in our sleep is unintentional.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is the first step in making the bedroom experience better for couples. The bad news is that different body types and sleeping positions impact which type of mattress is best for a good night’s rest. The positive is that there are compromises that can suit couples with different sleep styles, which you can find in this blog article about mattress for couples at Shape.

If you can’t find a mattress option that works for both of you, consider getting two twin beds and pushing them together on one box spring and frame. This life hack will let you both choose the mattress you want while still sleeping together.

Keeping up With The Quality Dream When Married

Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment

Take some time to assess your sleep environment and make improvements that contribute to better rest. The key considerations when creating a healthy sleep environment include:

  • Minimizing light – use black-out curtains or soft night lights in the hallway and bathroom.
  • Removing screens – blue light waves from smartphones can disrupt circadian rhythms. 
  • Adding ambient noise – a fan or white noise machine can limit disruptions throughout the night. 
  • Temperature control – studies show that cooler rooms contribute to better rest. If your partner radiates heat, this can be exceptionally helpful.

Taking steps to create a better sleep environment will help you both dream a little easier.

Minimizing Disruptions

Consider what you and your partner can do to minimize disruptions for one another. For example, if your partner likes to leave the light on to read and you prefer the dark, consider wearing a sleep mask. If you have to get up a couple of hours earlier than your partner, switch to a vibrating wrist alarm. If you’re both prone to late-night bathroom trips, consider stopping your liquid intake an hour earlier during the day. 

These simple changes show consideration and adaptability, helping you both sleep easier and improving your relationship.

If you’re looking to make things better in the bedroom for you and your partner, start with getting a good night of sleep— the rest will follow.

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