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The glossy, shiny countertops, gleaming cabinets with no clutter. Ahhh! A picture from the PotteryBarn page.

Sigh! Now we know why Rachel Green loved this place. We all have a Rachel in us hiding somewhere seeking home improvement solutions.

Cooking up the place where you cook love!

An average kitchen remodeling today would cost between 150$-250$ per square foot. The cost will depend on the number of renovations being done.

Kitchens are mostly the first thing that people look for when buying a new home.  So if you are planning to sell out your home, then you should be probably fixing up that kitchen of yours so that buyers agree to your price.

People from all walks of life always have that dream kitchen somewhere at the back of their minds fighting to push to the surface and be worked upon. Such thought takes hold, especially when you are relocating or finally have the budget to make the changes. 43% of the people feel that they want the change to help revamp their kitchen.

The remodeling can be beneficial in the long run. If those big bucks jumping out of the pocket are painful, then rest assured that they will come right back to you! From the above stats, it is evident that your refurbishments end up paying. So take out your calculator and notepad and start working the numbers.

Remodel like a pro with these tips

Remodeling may seem tedious, but when done with a clear concept and ideas, it can be very systematic. Let’s get on with the most coveted ideas to amp up the heart of your home-the kitchen!

Decide the aspects worth the splurge

Shelving out dollars, especially when you are in the mood, can be quite a dent in your pocket. It is advised that you should make a list of things that are needed and things that are just a fancy addition.

Things you need to spend on:

  • Wall add-ons for creating space
  • Using the side spaces for gliding-shelved units, for those bottles.
  • Cabinets
  • Sliding shelves to ensure each corner is reachable.
  • A wood stove (for the perfect earthy feel to your delicacies)
  • Upgrading the refrigerator.

Probable wants that connive to make you spend more:

  • Adding extra fridges
  • Unnecessary spending on glossy counters

Divide the pie

Make sure you have listed down all the things that need changing. After finalizing the list, you can now divide the portion of the budget that will be spent on each item. Make sure that you try to keep within the budget instead of going overboard.

Do your study

Re-modeling is a cumbersome task. It is not only about financial viability, but you need to be mentally prepared as well.

The upheaval that remodeling causes can be quite meticulous and take a toll on your stress check. This is why it is better to have a clear picture of what you will be signing up for. There are several sites that you can also visit for inspirational purposes.

Account the accounted-hidden costs

Budgets are made to be crossed! This satirical sentence weights truth in it. We hardly ever get to finish within budget. So it is best if we account for the possible hidden costs. This will help in planning a more realistic final figure.

A final check before you dive in

You need to decide how you will use the space within the kitchen. Working without a clear mind map can be quite challenging to manage. The layout should be clearly defined on paper to make sure things happen as planned.

Stay abreast of the latest trends!

When we are mixing technology with every aspect of our lives, then why not the kitchen? Despite the increased use of appliances and moving away from the old school ways, there is now a trend to mix up the two.

When asked, around 95% of the people wanted to reform their countertops. Recent trends give you the chance to opt for the gloss and smart finish of the engineered granite or go for the traditional marble countertops.

Rustic look with nature around

A little greenery around the kitchen is superbly refreshing. Most people love to have potted plants around, and the current trend keeps it at that.

A significant chunk of life is spent in and out of the kitchen. Adding a touch of green rejuvenates and inspires creativity ensuring that every dash of flavor that you add surpasses the expectations.

The rustic look can be added by adding wood stove fuel. A contemporary yet traditional touch that adds the wow! Factor to your kitchen and create the perfect look.

Snap! Click! Bam! Whoosh the clutter is gone

The latest trend is all about the magazine-worthy touch! Don’t worry, and you do not need to purchase expensive storage. All you need to be is smart when remodeling.

Adding simple add-ons to ensure that there is a place for every appliance in your kitchen. So as soon as you are done using it, you can place it back. The sleek look shows how immaculate you are and tells a tale of neatness.

Allowing tech infiltration-the good way!

Well, wait, you still will have to cook your food! All said and done; technology incorporation helps make it more attractive. Sensors, devices, smart gadgets, and one-touch appliances all make your kitchen super tech making your life easy.

Kitchen remodeling-restructuring the family life the good way!

Renovations are helping bring back the spark and cohesion that was going amiss! According to a recent study, 33% of people claimed that felt that they are on the path of health nirvana.

Family time is becoming scarce, but with kitchen renovations, 50% of people found that the family time has increased. This helps in nurturing healthier relationships. One of the significant reasons that kitchen remodeling is triggering a happier family interaction is because of bringing down the walls.

A place where love is the crucial ingredient, where the heartbeat of the whole house can be heard needs to be open. The amalgamation of the kitchen into lounge space has helped increased interaction. The person slaving away the kitchen is not alone anymore! Hence, a more energized and pumped up family.

What good does the kitchen remodeling bring?

Such happy numbers are going to prompt you to start the renovation right away. And there is nothing to worry about since we already guided you on how to go about it!

33% felt that there was a positive change with lesser takeouts, family meals, and, most of all, a happy family time. What’s more, we need to unwind and relax in such a fast-paced lifestyle.

Final word

If you have been holding up the renovations, then we suggest that you now have no reason to wait. Gather the details, find the designs you love, and cook up the perfect kitchen of your dreams and start renovating.

Make the kitchen the happiest place of your home and let health, joy, and prosperity prevail!

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