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The weather becomes hot and women everywhere take off their sweaters and jeans to wear light dresses and cotton suits. Summer clothes can be very stylish. Of course, not all women have enough budget to invest in a new summer wardrobe, especially when you are going to travel with a family or friends. You need money for a good comfortable hotel with breakfast included, popular city attractions. Of course, car rental at Billy Bishop Airport will give you the best SUV with air conditioner and enough space for luggage and pets to take with you. But what about your new summer look? How is it possible to look good without wasting much money for clothes?

You need the perfect summer accessories. Add them to your everyday or evening look and feel modern and stylish. The point is to pick the right accessories that are able to “boost” your look and give the impression of a high-fashion girl!

Woman in floaty printed scarf walking on the beach on a windy day



  1. Light Scarves


Sure enough, women always use scarves to add colors or charm to their look. Do you want to look different? Just add a light scarf to your jeans or dress. Take a scarf of light fibers and interesting textures. Also, you can use a scarf as a belt or tie, or wrapping. You can use it for your hair or as a sarong at the beach. For special occasions you can take a silk scarf. Cotton scarves are good for excursions, evening walks, and creative design solutions when you don’t know what to wear to look trendy for low cost.

  1. Summer Hat

The trend of this summer is a chic oversized floppy hat. It looks elegant for casual style and for a wedding party. What is more, the hat is needed at the beach or during the city walk to protect your face skin from fading and shoulders from burns. The hat color depends on your preferences. You can take a hat of classic neutral look or pick something more extravagant like a straw hat or black-and-white design. By the way, ribbons and bands are not needed but may look interesting, depending on your specific scenario.

Straw Hat and Sunglasses

  1. Sunglasses

This is the most needed accessory for all summer travelers. People often wear sunglasses for protection. A pair of high quality brand glasses can really protect your eyes from UV rays. So, please, wear them every time when you spend time outdoors. This is the case when your health depends on what you wear. How can you know that your sunglasses are really able to protect your eyes? Just read labels!

Every woman knows that sunglasses are often used as a beautiful accessory that makes you look cooler. You can pick glasses of different colors, design, and materials. You can find a pair of super-duper expensive wooden glasses or classic cat’s eye design. The variety of shades can knock you down. Try retro! Retro glasses are the hottest trend this summer. Be careful with a glasses shape. Slightly oversized shades with black or tortoiseshell frames can’t go wrong!

  1. Clutch or Soft Handbag

Oversized beach bags can’t make your stylish. Leave it at home and take a soft pillow-like handbag with animal print instead. Also, you can take a classic clutch for the evening party or a day walk. Surprisingly, a small clutch is enough to carry all your essentials. You can find clutches of different brands and models, made of different materials. As a rule, you carry a clutch in your hand under your arm. It looks perfect with your evening dress or business suit. Don’t forget that your clutch is a convertible bag that can be easily transformed with a simple chain or strap to keep it on your shoulder. Traditionally, the clutch is a brand leather bag that complements your look.

Make a hardware clutch

  1. Brand Sandals

Sandals is better than flip-flops and something more comfortable than traditional high heels. Speaking about style and fashion, you can buy a pair of sandals from your favorite brand. It suits to your cocktail dress, jeans, and capris. You always look elegant and interesting. Bright sandals are good for flirty dates and everyday walks. Cocktail parties on the beach need to buy a pair of soft leather sandals, decorated with bright elements, prints, textiles. The best trendy variant you should pay attention to is animal skin and floral prints.

You have to look good even if you are going to hang out with your friend in a beach restaurant. It is important to have AN IDEAL LOOK ALWAYS. Of course, it can be difficult to follow all the fashion advices and buy as much clothes and accessories as you need. Relax! There is no need to spend much money for dresses and heels. It is enough to buy a couple of wise summer accessories to look stylish.



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