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This all is driving me nuts…

Oh, I can’t take this burden anymore. My every cell is agitated…

-said the stressed mover

I remember helping my friend with the moving task. The hassle of moving was breaking her every cell. Don’t think that it left me alone. Even I was caught off-guard by the chaos.

In the moment of despair, I recalled the time when the helping hand of pros gave me the sigh of relief while shifting to a different neighborhood.

There is no denying the fact that moving is a hassle. However, if you do a little preparation and organize the whole process, it might seem a bit hassle-free down the road.

Trying to follow a few tips before you go by stressing over, can save you from being in that maniac situation in the first place.

On the brighter side, it also involves all that excitement of moving to a new place and enjoying a new and rejuvenated life altogether. According to the Journal of Research Personality, a new home can help you get a new mindset.

Here are some of the key pointers and nifty tips that can help you minimize your hassle of moving.

1.     How to Plan and Organize a Household Move

It’s time to put everything else aside and make a plan that ensures your relocation process is on track.

Proper planning and execution will help you get through the hassle and stress, developing from this moving endeavor.

2.     Should You Hire Movers or Move Yourself?

When moving, it’s understandable to have your mind blocked with thoughts like, ‘Is it better to move or you should get help from movers?’

Well, this is something only you can decide for yourself, considering your budget and how well you cope up with all the hassle of moving all on your own.

However, finding yourself a self-storage can go a long in making your moving experience a bit better. There are some affordable storage units in Central Michigan that you can count on.

3.     Set a Timeline and Schedule

Moving is complicated, but becomes a bit hassle-free if planned well and goes as per planning.

The first thing in planning should be setting a time frame and schedule so that you can be done with packing before the trucks stop at your door.

4.    Formulate a Moving Budget

One of the most crucial things that a lot of people avoid is to prepare a budget for moving.

So, do you just realize you should also invest some time, thinking about your moving budget?

Never mind, stick with me; this guide will save a few dimes and ensure that this whole process will be within your affordability range.

5.     Sort all Your Stuff and Decide What Should be Packed to Move

Haven’t sorted your stuff in years? Worry not! It is the best time to do it.

Sort through your stuff and decide which things you should pack to take with you.

6.     Get Rid of the Unwanted Stuff

Now that all your stuff is sorted, there must be some piles of unwanted material that is old enough for you not to take to a new place.

But, where would you keep all those heaps of unwanted stuff?

The best would be if you donate all of them, but for the time being, you need storage to keep that stuff and give that stuff for donation later.

To this end, storage units can come in handy for you.

7.     Make your Move-Budgeted

I assume by now you have made a budget for your move, so the next step is to find ways to save money. This includes knowing where you might lose extra money and tips that ensure you don’t spend more than what you have planned.

8.     Packing Supplies You Will Need

It goes without saying, preparing yourself for moving is all about finding the right moving supplies, such as locks, boxes, tapes, etc. You can get all these supplies from any affordable storage, as they also deal in moving supplies.

Minimize Stress When Moving

Irrespective of how often you move, each time brings its fair share of stress and hassle. It is due to all the things that are needed to be done, from sorting, packing to carrying -it’s all full of stress.

If you want to make less hassle-free, then it is advisable to take some experts on board.

There are plenty of tasks that require to be done under expert supervision during your move. However, not many people know where to find such experts who can help you with relocation professionally.

If it sounds like you, then you may find such experts in a few affordable storage units in Central Michigan, as they also offer experts’ guidance and assistance during your move.

9.     Tips to Save Time When Moving

Moving to a new place gets challenging because of the overwhelming pieces in play, that too all at the same time.

You can handle some of them beforehand to give yourself breathing room. This will save you from feeling rushed, and you may actually enjoy the process.

Here are three tips to save your time when moving:

·        Look around before you purchase new packing supplies 

Buying packing supplies cost you a lot of money and don’t get me started on how much time you spend in choosing each supply. That’s enough of a hassle, but you also have to keep other factors in mind.

Seemingly trivial tasks like accumulating all those pesky piles of newspapers and cardboards as you unpack can suck up your time like anything.

Notably, after being drained and tired from all the hassle of moving, you won’t want to think about unpacking, let alone dealing with its aftermath.

Therefore, it is wise to utilize the packing material you already have, saving you both time, money, and energy. Don’t pack bedding, instead use it to pack fragile items.

You can utilize the laundry baskets to load and lug and save money that you would spend on boxes. This idea works primarily if you are making multiple trips from your old to the new place.

·         Change your address the easy way

One of the most annoying parts of moving is when you have to update your address. Minimize the hassle of missing out on your essential emails by changing your address the easy way.

·        Pack a Go-bag

You probably will be tired and exhausted as soon as you reach your new house with all the packed stuff in. So, packing a go-bag and keeping all the necessary things you need in your day one comes in handy.

This will prevent you from unpacking your stuff and looking for the things you need right off.

Final thought

When push comes to shove, moving feels like no less than a big decision of your life. But, by doing some research and starting the process with proper planning, you can ensure you are on the right path. Readying yourself for the challenges you may encounter goes a long way in keeping up with your stress-free mind.

Follow the tips and tricks above to minimize the hassle of your move. Also, let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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