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Clothing Items For This Summer

Are you as tired of bundling up in a thousand different layers as we are? Can’t wait for summers to come back? Well, so can’t we! There’s something about summers that lifts your spirit and that somber cloud of the gray cast by winters. No more drowning in huge coats and sweaters and no more worrying about keeping your body protected against the harsh winter chill. As summertime nears by, there’s one thing on our minds and that’s easy breezy summer outfits, perfectly Instagram-able and utterly chic. So here’s a gift for you, for this summertime and all the others to come – a complete guide to all the clothing items your wardrobe must-have this summer.


This is one item of clothing that you can never go wrong with unless you are really trying to. Jeans are perhaps the most versatile of all bottoms. Not to mention they now come in so many different styles. The latest rave being the high waisted jeans, that, if you find a good fit in, will give you that perfect snug shape you’ve been envying on the high street models.

Leave the skinny fit look for the winter months, and opt for the looser boyfriend jeans for that boohoo look. Also, go for lighter shades of blue keeping up with the spirit of summer, and forgo the darker washes for night outs only.


What piece of clothing is as comfortable as a t-shirt? Along with style, a top priority during the summers is feeling light and airy so as to prevent yourself from overheating and sweating. A light half-sleeved t-shirt is the easiest way to do just that. An added bonus is that now t-shirts aren’t considered sloppy dressing if you’ve styled them nicely. A cute graphic Tee paired with your favorite boyfriend jeans is the perfect outfit of the day. Run errands through the day or go to the country fair, this outfit is suitable for both. And did I say, a plain white Tee is a summer staple? Because it is. Your wardrobe must always be stocked with a plain white t-shirt and a plain black t-shirt. These two items will make pairing outfits together so much easier than before.  Can’t pick a top to go with that multi-colored patterned skirt you just bought? That white t-shirt will save your pretty impulse buy from becoming a fashion catastrophe.


When you are in a rush to get out the door but are feeling sweaty even in the house and you still want to look put together, there is only one item of clothing that will tick all the boxes on your checklist and that is a dress. T-shirt dresses, skater dresses, flowy chiffon dresses, or that midi dress with a bold patterned design, there is a never-ending variety of dresses on the high street in the summer. And for good reason too. There is nothing more effortless to throw on than a dress, not to mention how airy you are bound to feel all day. It is fun, it is flirty, it is acceptable to office wear and what more can one want? There are also various looks that you can achieve with a single dress; pair a floral-patterned dress with a denim jacket and strappy sandals for the ideal summer day look or wear the same dress with leather jackets and Dr-martins for that biker-girl look.


Name a clothing item more feminine than skirts? Or an item more suitable for that hot summer day? The answer to both these questions is a skirt.  They’re sure to keep you feeling fresh and airy while keeping all eyes on you too. Pair them up with simple t-shirts or linen blouses or a silky off-the-shoulder top for a flirty feminine look that’s both cute and hassle-free. And did I tell you, how many lengths do skirts come in now? There’s the classic short skirt, the pencil skirt, the midi skirt, and the maxi skirt, the leather skirt and the denim skirt. For reference you can also look over a few Pinterest boards for inspiration on how to perfectly style the maxi skirt.

White button-down shirt

A crisp white button-down shirt tucked in that skirt you bought on our recommendation is not only in accordance with your office dress code but also is the most uncomplicated outfit choice for that really hot summer day. Later, when you get back from the office, you can swap that skirt with a pair of high waisted jeans and be ready for a casual dinner with friends. If you have a date instead, just change to a shorter more flirty skirt, add a piece or two of accessories and you are date ready! That is how easy-to-pair and versatile a white button-down shirt is.


While most people go gaga over denim shorts, we are a fan of shorts all around. Denim or not, shorts are a definite summer must-have. Jean shorts, linen shorts, even cargo shorts, there is nothing more fuss-free to jump into and run out the door. Paired with a t-shirt for a lazy day in or worn with a blouse for a day out over the summer holidays, shorts are indispensable. Also, they are great to wear over bikinis on the beach or during pool parties.


We should all send our blessings to the inventor of playsuits. The benefits of a dress and shorts combined? Yes, please! Playsuits are very aptly named for they are lots of fun and play. There is nothing cuter than a girl in a playsuit and there is nothing breezier to wear on a hot summer’s day than a playsuit. Although the trend started with jumpsuits, we think they are more spring-autumn appropriate for they provide more coverage than the short-sleeved and short-legged playsuit.


It is so easy to get overwhelmed with the array of clothing variety now available in the market so it’s probably best for one to figure out there personal style before going shopping. A summer wardrobe does not have to be hundreds of items of clothing. A few t-shirts, a few dresses, a couple of button-down shirts, two to three pairs of jeans and a couple of dresses are the items that should be on your list to create a staple wardrobe. Be sure to buy pieces that have the potential to be vastly paired with other items and this way you’ll be able to create several different looks without going bankrupt. And even though we’ve only mentioned clothing items on our list, don’t forget that accessories add the finishing touches to any outfit. Strappy sandals, white sneakers, a denim jacket, a kimono, and a straw hat are just a few fashion pieces that will spice up any plain outfit and ensure that you are ready for that impromptu summer get-away.


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