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Overcome Mindset Blocks That Hold You Back

If you’re reading this, chances are you need some advice on how to move on and onto better things. Whatever is blocking your mindset, I promise it’s something that, with some training, you can change. Small things that we often dismiss as insignificant or don’t even see for what they truly are can affect our entire mindset and well-being.

These small things turn into mindset blocks that are very hard to change once settled. It is up to you to overcome them and finally feel free and not held back.

The most interesting thing is that we create these blocks ourselves. The goals we set for ourselves, either in our professional or private lives, can be difficult to achieve, but even more so when we’re holding ourselves back and we’re doing it almost on purpose.

The thoughts we let into our mind are of extreme importance and you might not be aware of this, but what we think affects who we are and even how we choose to live. It may come clear to you now that if you keep thinking negatively about a goal you’re trying to achieve, you’ll probably be fighting against yourself to achieve it, and won’t, in the end, get it.

So how can you overcome these mindset blocks?

Here’s how!

First and foremost, analyse what sorts of thoughts come into your mind. Are they about your goals? Are they about your personality? Your body? Your way of doing things? Pinpoint what negative thoughts are wandering through your mind. This is the first step!

“I’m Ugly”

If you’ve identified this statement as one of the negative thoughts polluting your mind, I’m here to help you let it go.

One of the most fun and best activities I recommend doing to overcome this specific block is to put yourself in front of a mirror, grab your most red, delicious lipstick, and write on the mirror the most beautiful things you see about yourself and your body. You can start small with things like “my bright round eyes” or “this square of stomach I don’t hate”.

Do this every day and add more and more positive things. The goal is to get accustomed to looking at yourself in the mirror and finding the beauty others see in you.

For some, this will be a very tough exercise, therefore I suggest doing it with a loved one or very close friend. They’ll help you see the things you might not see for yourself. After this bonding experience, go to a spa or cosmetic centre, which will help you both relax and help you recover from a probably very emotionally draining moment. And by going to a spa, you’ll feel pampered and at the top of your game!

“I’m Not Smart Enough”

This is another common one. Many people feel they’re not as smart as others and they let that get to them, which eventually stops them from going after what they truly love and want to do.

I want you to think about why you believe you’re not smart enough for a certain goal or objective you have, and why you’re clearly feeling like you won’t succeed. Why aren’t you smart enough? What’s stopping you from being as smart as you think you should be? Is it because you don’t have the required education? Is it because you don’t excel at a specific part of this goal? Or is it just because you keep telling yourself you’re not smart enough?

You see, the more you repeat or allow certain thoughts in your mind, the more you’ll believe them. At some point, they will no longer be just thoughts, they’ll be your beliefs. And you’ll continue to sabotage yourself.

“They’re More Successful”

Who are you comparing yourself to? Colleagues, friends, neighbours? Everyone has a different journey, different path and different pace. If we keep comparing ourselves to others, we’ll lose track of our own path. Worst of all, why do we always compare ourselves to more successful people? Why don’t you compare yourself to someone you think is less successful than you?

Even though this is probably the most common feeling when discussing mindset blocks, I want you to sit down and use journaling as a way to let go of this specific block. You can also use podcasts or motivation books to guide you through this process.

“I Can and I Will Do It!”

This is the last sentence I want you to say to yourself every night before going to bed. Say it at night every night and whenever you need to remind yourself that the negative thoughts you were welcoming into your life were your own inhibitors, put there by you! Let go of them and embrace new, positive ones.

Make yourself a priority, make your positive self a priority! We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.—Albert Einstein


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